May 1: history and origins of Italian Workers’ Day

Labor Day has its roots in a period of significant and frequent demonstrations for the rights of factory workers during the Industrial Revolution in the United States, led by the Association of the Order of the Knights of Labor, The Knights of Labor. 

Festa dei Lavoratori in Italia
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The conquest of the eight working hours,  started May 1st, 1867 solo nello stato dell’Illinois, ebbe a subsequent slow and gradual expansion throughout the US territory. Grover Cleveland, felt that the day could have been an opportunity to commemorate the bloody episodes of Chicago.

Labour Day in Italy

The Workers’ Day in Italy was celebrated therefore, for the first time, the  1 May 1891 to be poi suspended from 1924nbsp;and throughout the twenty-year fascist. This was because it was replaced by the Labor Day of 21 April, day of the Christmas of Rome.

Festa dei Lavoratori
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The concert in Rome

Since 1990, the confederal unions CGIL, CISL e UIL, in collaboration with the municipality of Rome, have set up a concert to celebrate the first of May, especially aimed at young people: the event is held in Rome;Rome, in piazza di San Giovanni in Laterano, from afternoon to night, with the participation of many musical groups and singers, and is followed by hundreds of thousands of people, as well as being broadcast live on TV by Rai.

concertone 1 maggio
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After two years of a particularly difficult pandemic and in the present tragic moment of war in Ukraine, the May Day Concert takes on a symbolic and profound meaning: to confront the present in order to face the future with responsibility, vision and hope. The Concertone in Piazza San Giovanni will develop as a kind of collective story, a narration crossed by a lot of music, but also by words and shared emotions.  To present it there will be Ambra Angiolini.

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The concert, as usual, will be broadcast live on RAI 3 and Rai Radio2, Sunday, May 1 from 15.30 to 19.00 and from 20.00 to 24.00.

May 1st, where to go and what to do in Italy

  • Le Cinque Terre are a great spring destination to discover on the road, here you will find villages overlooking the sea, deserted beaches and great opportunities to eat well.
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  • Enjoy the charm of spring in Ischia, enjoying the beaches and spas not yet assaulted by tourists. Walking, hiking, excellent cuisine and relaxation.
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  • A long weekend to discover Puglia, beaches and cities. In addition to the beautiful beaches, the region is dotted with beautiful villages to visit where life flows slowly and relaxed and where it is a pleasure to spend a few days to appreciate the beauty and taste the flavors at the table. 
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  • in Sicily for a small archipelago that envy us all over the world, the Aeolian Islands. Seven real islands, all of volcanic origin, plus some rocks and islets, make up the group located 12 miles north of Capo Milazzo, north coast of the region. 
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  • Between Asti and Cuneo, southern Piedmont, in a hilly and green area covered by vineyards, the territory of the Langhe with Alba as its capital, is a perfect destination for those who love nature but also good food and especially wine that here is a true religion.
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  • Every child’s dream is in Veneto, not far from the shores of Lake Garda, in the province of Verona. For over forty years Gardaland has been a reference point for lovers of the genre with its 37 attractions that are constantly updated ranging from classic rides to technological jewelry!
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May 1st, the typical dishes of the tradition

You grill, of course, or opt for an outdoor picnic with sandwiches, rustic cakes and focaccia.

  • Cheap and easy to carry, perfect for a picnic in the open air (as per tradition), le fava beans are among the symbols par excellence of Labor Day.
  • >In Volterra there is no Labor Day without la trippa toscana (and salami, cheese, broad beans and lots of red wine).
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  • At the table, for example, with the virtues of Teramo, a typical dish of Abruzzo in the province of Teramo, prepared with the remains of the pantry and the first fruits of spring. Dried legumes, then, and fresh seasonal vegetables, together with the leftover pasta: in short, a delicious recipe, rich and recovery, which combines cold and hot, before and after. 
  • In the province of Tuoro, there is the feast of Saint Francis in Lula.  In honor of the saint we eat the “su filindeu”, a soup cooked in sheep’s broth and seasoned with cheese, and su zurrette, a black pudding.
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  • There is always a reason to celebrate and if you are passing through Valdobbiadene you can also do it in the most elegant and gourmet way: in the land of prosecco, in Conegliano – Valdobbiadene, As every year the 1st of May is a special day because in those days the Primavera del Prosecco Superiore is celebrated, a wine-tourism event that offers to wine lovers the opportunity to immerse themselves in the vineyards and to taste an excellent prosecco. 
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And you? How will you spend Labor Day?

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