Where to go in Veneto: the amazing amusement park of Gardaland

If you are planning a spring trip and you are wondering where to go in Veneto, you should know that on June 7th the amusement park of Gardaland was inaugurated its season. If you want to have fun, the best thing to do is to visit one of the most important amusement parks in Italy that every year hosts thousands of visitors.

Gardaland: the amusement park for everyone

Gardaland is a guarantee of fun for both Italian and foreign tourists. The park can be funny for people of every age. The bravest visitors can decide to visit the adventure area, while those who love fantasy can go to the Fantasy section. Finally, the Energy section will leave thrills and speed lovers breathless.

News for Gardaland 2021

The main news to visit Gardaland this year is that it is mandatory to book your entrance, in order to gurantee the social distaning according to the rules to fight Covid-19. The park is open every day from 10 to 23.

Moreover, this year Gardaland has inaugurated the LEGOLAND Water Park, its new themed ater park, perfect for families with children. To let the youngest have the funniest experience, adults can enter only if they are looking after children. In this new area, fun is guaranteed: it is possible to dive into milions of LEGO bricks, have fun with interactive water games, play on colorful slides and relax in the totally themed areas! The LEGOLAND Water Park is open everyday from 10 to 19.

Gardaland’s main attractions

Where to go in Veneto, if not in the best amusement park in Italy? Its fame is also due to its amazing attractions:

Prezzemolo’s tree

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This huge tree, placed in the center of the park, is Prezzemolo’s house. Prezzemolo is the mascot and symbol of Gardaland. Visitors can climb the stairs of the tree to reach its top and enjoy the view on the amusement park.

The Raptor

A thrilling flight: this is what the ride on this roller coaster promises. On the side seats suspended in the void, you will avoid a long series of obstacles, trying to escape the relentless predator.

Escape from Atlantis

Source: Gardaland

Discover the mysterious world of Atlantis and run from Neptune and his wrath. Find the lost civilization of Atlantis aboard of large boats: you will discover majestic temples, portals, arches, inscrutable warriors and you will prove your courage with two dives from a height of 12 and 17 meters! A fantastic attraction to experience, together with friends or family, the adventure and charm of the myth of the mysteriously disappeared island.


A mysterious space-time conduit connects the planet Earth to another space and another time; its gravitational field is so powerful that it sucks everything into it and over there you glimpse the black hole! Oblivion invites you to face your fears and while you hold back, overlooking the edge of the vertically falling roller coaster, you have a moment to savor what is to come. You know you shouldn’t look, but you won’t be able to stop yourself from taking a look at the colossal vertical jump! Get ready, from a dizzying height you will plummet at breakneck speed in a vertical swooping fall towards oblivion.

Featured image: Gardaland

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