5 Things to see in Belluno

Belluno, the Door to the Dolomites, 383 meters above sea level, the River Piave flows through it. It is the most “secluded” Venetian city but definitely to be discovered for those who want to visit Italy. Taking into account, among other things, that it is the only provincial capital of Italy to be part of a national park. And here is what to see in Belluno, home to the writer Dino Buzzati and appreciated for its old town, still perfectly preserved.

Ideas on what to see in this city

The heart of the city

In the center of Belluno stands the Renaissance Palazzo dei Rettori, where once resided:• representatives of the Venetian government

  • The Civic Tower and
  • The Cathedral with the 68 meter bell tower.

The Civic Tower is what remains of the ancient bishop’s castle, while the Duomo is particularly appealing for the  works by Jacopo da Bassano, Palma il Giovane and Cesare Vecellio, cousin of Tiziano Vecellio. The Campedel, the Martyrs’ Square, contains the “Listòn”, the meeting place of the Bellunesi, which allows you to walk under  the arches of the covered walkway.

Immediately after, via Rialto, which follows the street trend of the fortified Roman camp and the ancient city, where the Venetian architecture palaces rise. The church of St. Stephen deserves a visit: a jewel of Gothic Belluno architecture, which houses works of art by Andrea Brustolon.

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The Rectors palace

In Piazza Duomo, the Rectors Palace is the city’s historic parish building: it shouldn’t be missed in the list of what to see in Belluno! Its foundation dates back to 1409, starting with a medieval fortress already present on site. Ninety years afterwards the building was restructured, thus reaching its final look, by Giovanni Candi, architect of Venice, who enriched the Gothic palace with decorations and Renaissance elements.

It was home to the “Collegio dei Nobili” in Belluno, politically linked to the city of Venice. The facade of the palace, adorned with busts and tombstones in memory of the Rectors of the Serenissima, is of particular elegance and beauty. The building is completed by the Clock Tower, erected between 1536 and 1547 designed by the Tuscan Valerio da San Vittore.

Borgo Piave

It is accessed by Porta Rugo, southern gateway. Here was the harbor port along the River Piave, where they drove the rafts to Venice. Passing along Victory Bridge you will return under the Duomo.

Piazza delle Erbe

The Piazza delle Erbe, dating back to the Renaissance period, corresponds to the oldest nucleus of the city of Belluno, of Roman origin. The center is elegant thanks to the ancient San Lucano Fountain. Continue reading to find out what else to see in Italy.

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Palazzo Fulcis –Civic Museum

With its 3,000 square meters on 5 floors, full of 18th-century frescoes, the Palazzo Fulcis hosts the Civic Museum’s Art Collection. In its 24 rooms you can see works by Domenico Tintoretto, Bartolomeo Montagna, Andrea Brustolon, Marco and Sebastiano Ricci. Along with great value porcelain, Renaissance bronzes, drawings and engravings.

The Palace is considered one of the most remarkable urban buildings of the Venetian 18th century. Its current appearance dates back to 1776, the year of William Fulcis and Francesca Migazzi De Vaal’s wedding, but its history is far older. And at its base, during the restoration, a longobard necropolis was discovered.

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