Luisa Spagnoli, boldness made in Italy

Inside the spectacular and impressive Galleria Vittorio Emanuele in Milan, which from Piazza del Duomo leads to the famous Teatro alla Scala, there are many high-fashion brands and accessories that attract tourists and simple fashionistas. Among these undoubtedly Luisa Spagnoli has an undisputed quality and heritage that few other brands can boast in the Belpaese.

Founded in 1928 in fact, the brand owes much to the founder, Luisa Spagnoli, Perugia class 1877, a woman of great courage and determination. To her we must not only the foundation of the eponymous fashion label, but from her tireless creative and productive mind also came the Perugina, still well known giant of the confectionery sector in Italy and Europe. Luisa also anticipated the evolution of women in employment, not only for her figure of entrepreneur, but also for the inclusion of women in industrial activity.

Since from the founding of the company, she was first to introduce the use of angora yarn to produce knitted garments. From the hair of a particular breed of rabbits, which started breeding in the park of his villa in Perugia, she obtained a thin yarn with which it began the production of refined and elegant products, achieving a great success in the fashion of that time and resulting in the development of a thriving business destined to great fortune.

Even after her untimely death in 1935, her son Mario took over the leadership of the company and spread its knowledge and prestige on the national and international market giving to the company the characteristics of a true industry, while continuing to take care of the manufacture of  clothing and of the quality requirements, typical of a handmade product. Inherited from mother fantasy and creative genius, he developed the business idea. In fact he formulated the project of the Angora City, a production efficiency model based on meeting the needs of workers. From simple place for the production, the company, surrounded by the homes of employees, would become a self-sufficient community, organized and equipped with facilities such as kindergartens, schools, churches, sports and leisure facilities. Even if the project was implemented only partially it  helped to strengthen the bonds between the company and employees.

Even later on, from generation to generation, the international expansion of the brand has never stopped growing (the brand is on the market with 152 single-brand stores in Italy and 41 in the world) and core values ​​have never failed, as well as the quality of the products, whether they are accessories, clothing and perfumes.

A great example of a family-run company made in Italy based on the values ​​of sustainability, quality and respect for the environment and workers.
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