The Italian king of fashion: Giorgio Armani

The designer symbol of Italian fashion all over the world

Italian fashion is undoubtedly at the top of the sector all over the world. One of the figures who symbolize it is the designer Giorgio Armani. As everyone knows he is the founder of the fashion house that carries the same name. The garments made today are still internationally recognized for their exceptional quality. Here we present his story and his company. We will also talk about the main productions of this famous fashion house all over the world, and its current commitment in various fields including sports.


His background

Giorgio Armani was born on 11 July 1934 in Piacenza where he lived with his family until the end of high school. He attended the state medical school in Milan for about two years until he decided to leave his studies and start working as a buyer for the main Italian Department Store “ La Rinascente”. In the meantime, he also worked for a fashion agency as a photographer. In this context he got to know the quality products that came from abroad. In 1964, without any specific preparation, he designed the men’s collection by Nino Cerruti.


And he did not stop there. He decided to become a designer and a fashion consultant and in 1975 he founded his own fashion house, precisely the Giorgio Armani. The following year he presented his first collection. The de-structured men’s jacket was incredibly successful. This was due to the fact that it gave new perspective to elements of the male apparel which until then had always been predictable. In 1982 his definitive consecration arrived with his appearance on the cover of the Times magazine. In the following years he became an undisputed symbol of elegance and quality.



Image Source: Daniele Tucci

The awards and prizes

During his incredible career Giorgio Armani has received numerous awards and recognitions. In 1983 he was elected by the Council of fashion Designers of America best designer of the year. He was appointed Commander by the Italian Republic in 1985, In 1986 he was made Grand Officer and the following year Grand Knight. In 1991 he received a Honoris Causa degree from the prestigious Royal College of Art in London.



The company’s production ranges from clothes of various kinds starting from jackets that have revolutionized the history of design. In creating his collections, the stylist takes inspiration from oriental culture. Today Emporio Armani produces all kinds of items, even outside the field of clothing. He also dedicated himself to the creation of sportswear such as the social uniform of the English football Chelsea and the Olympic uniforms of the Italian national team for the winter edition.


Armani in sport and in different showbiz areas

Over the years Giorgio Armani has also been involved in the world of cinema and music. In fact, in 1980 the Italian designer drew the stage costumes for the film American Gigolò starring Richard Gere. In 2008 and 2012 he made the clothes for the two Batman films called The Dark Knight. In addition, Armani has also released several records of ambient, electronic and experimental music. The production is titled Emporio Armani Caffè and consists in various volumes. In 2008 he also became the owner of the Olimpia Milano basketball team.

After all, Italy is known worldwide for the fashion that has characterized the history and culture of style. The undisputed elegance that shines through the Italian collections are appreciated and admired all over the planet. And Giorgio Armani is one of the symbol figures.


Main Image: AreaDomani
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