Italy, Home of the best cheeses in the world


The past week has been as tasty as ever for all the Italian Traditions followers. In fact the Special dedicated to the vast and rich world of dairy products in the Belpaese was collected all the best of Italian exterminated dairy culture.

It was thoroughly presented the history of the local cheese, and offered a wide spectrum of the immense Italian scenario, unique delicacies produced by master cheese makers such as those of Monks Dairy near Bergamo, and entered into a market that can boast numbers and statistics so much higher than any other country that we can call our peninsula the undisputed industry leader. We discovered the characteristics of some dairy products among the most famous in the world, true icons of Made in Italy food, such as the famous mozzarella di bufala, queen of Italian cheeses with a unique and ancient processing, which survives only in typical manufacturers such as Polito di Agropoli, in the province of Salerno. The king too, however, has had his moment in the greedy special this week: with a complexity of aromas and extraordinary flavorsParmigiano Reggiano is undoubtedly the most loved and imitated Italian cheese in the world, thanks to historic companies like Ugolotti Parma, one of the best producers of Parmigian since 1930.

Let’s not forget Provolone, a varied and delicious cheese born from the encounter between North and South, and now one of the flagships of the Italian dairy products, produced in Italy by experts as the cheesemakers of Bufalcioffi Monsummano Terme, in the Tuscan countryside around Florence. So just not to miss anything we also proposed a comprehensive picture of the ancient cheese-making tradition of one of the (culinary speaking) richest regions in Italy, Piemonte. Even those who are allergic or intolerant to lactose will find in our special tips on what you can do and what is best avoided however, while to all the simple greedy we dedicated an article on the irresistible combination of cheese with honey and jam, typical of the tradition.

Finally, we analyzed the different methods used for processing milk, come into use and consolidated over the past centuries: important traditions kept alive by the best cheese factories, such as the famous Caseificio Artigianale F.lli Derosa of Gravina di Puglia, among the oldest in the region and between the most important of Italy: Slow Food since 2012 and partner of Eataly, since the ’60s it produces goat cheese and vaccines appreciated throughout Italy, among which certainly the typical “Pallone di Gravina“, a semi-hard raw cheese spun product with bovine milk and trademark of the famous cheese factory.

A flakey or diced, seasoned or mild, a delicacy that satisfies every palate. The IT5 of the week has the unmistakable scent of the Belpaese. Come and find out more. 
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