F.lli Derosa Cheese Factory, Quality Customer Service Since 1960


A land of excellence in many areas, Italy also has an important position within the global dairy industry, which led to its election as the capital of cheese. The cheese production tradition is one that dates back to ancient times and is carried out with commitment and dedication by the many dairy farms spread throughout the national territory. Among these, Caseificio Artigianale F.lli Derosa, one of the oldest dairies in Gravina di Puglia, a true excellence of Italy, keeper of knowledge and experience that has its roots in the 50s.

The company was founded in the 60s by Louis Derosa’s initiative, an already adept sheep breeder of animals that could be milked, who found himself surrounded by very fertile ground where he founded the first dairy farm in the heart of Gravina for processing of products that derived from sheep’s milk, in the high territory of Murgia Barese. Over time, the then called Derosa Luigi cheese factory, has become an important reference point for the typical production from Murgiano Park, basing its products on the collection of milk from local farms. Acquired directly from local farmers, the raw materials guarantee the freshness and authenticity of the products: varied cheese, ricotta, scamorza, ricotta cheese, and many other delicacies. The processing of sheep’s milk is made alongside that of cow’s milk, beginning the production of typical dairy products from Puglia, such as mozzarella and burrata. The absolute respect for the raw material and the uniqueness of the Derosa brother’s products have immediately conquered the most demanding palates and the stage of Italian excellence through awards both locally and nationally.

Quality and courteous service distinguish the outstanding results in ensuring the excellence of products that cheese connoisseurs have savored during their meals or as a simple daily treat for years. As often happens, quality leads to success and, consequently, the increase of labor, which has led to the transformation of the Luigi Derosa’s Dairy farm into F.lli Derosa artisanal cheese factory, with participation in the company by his children, Nicola, Teresa and Rosamaria. Nicola is responsible for production and procurement, Teresa is responsible for retail and relations with the public, and Rosamaria is Head Marketing and Customer Management.

Today the cheese factory is a well-structured reality that continues to work with great passion, carrying on the ancient family tradition of and setting its daily goal of complete customer satisfaction. The choice of high-quality raw materials, a type of production without additives, and according to the norms without the use of powdered milk, have determined the success of the Pugliese cheese farm, which has managed to get great appreciation beyond national borders, thanks to its admission in the Slow Food circuit.

F.lli Derosa artisanal cheese factory is in fact, one of the producers of “Pallone di Gravina“, a semi-hard raw cheese produced with raw or pasteurized whole cow’s milk, which became a Slow Food stronghold in 2012. The company produces sweet cheese, burrata, stracciatelle, fresh table pecorino, aged pecorino, sheep scamorza, pallone di Gravina sweet and spicy and mozzarella. The desire to know and taste its products was the impulse that gave rise to an initiative that aims to spread the culture of Puglia, a culture that inextricably revolves around food. Twice monthly, and in collaboration with Eataly stores and other businesses, the Account Manager organizes wine tasting sessions in various parts of the peninsula. Encouraged by the very positive feedback they have managed to get across Italy, that of consolidated recognized professionalism, the Derosa brothers dream to face the international market, confident that their specialties can be equally well appreciated here.

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