Italian home restaurants: the Cesarine

The Italian home restaurants, often managed by Cesarine, a group of Italian cooks, are small restaurants set up inside the homes of their managers. These are inexpensive places where you can taste the flavors of the local cuisine. They do not need any special authorizations, but for this reason they have a very low annual turnover. Here you can spend time surrounded by a wonderful friendly atmosphere: having to invoice very little the owners are obliged to offer particularly economical menus and to reduce the number of daily guests to a minimum.

The Italian home restaurant is the perfect cross between restaurant and domestic hospitality. They are often managed by the “Cesarine,” a group of excellent cooks dedicated to good traditional cooking and to the typical tastes of the various regions, and are moderately low cost. Having Lunch or dinner in a home restaurant is like being invited to the house of the owners of the restaurant, to participate (or observe closely) in the preparation of the courses and experience a friendliness very similar to that of a classic family lunch. Many good friendships have come about between the managers and their customers. But who are the Cesarine? And what can you eat in a home restaurant? Let’s take a look together.

The most famous Italian restaurants

Home Restaurants are characterized by a family atmosphere, have much less seating than a classic restaurant and, not by chance, are less publicized and marketed, so it’s best to book early to avoid being disappointed.

The most famous home restaurants in Italy are definitely My Kitchen Bistro owned by Federico Bonaconza, in Milan, and the home restaurant of Claudia Proietti, in a greenery surrounded location just few kilometers from Rome. In a home restaurant it’s possible to taste typical local dishes. We could define it as a type of cooking more similar to that of a trattoria than a real restaurant. They don’t usually have the endless menus of classic restaurants, but rather a variable but preset menu (day by day or week by week) or a modular menu with 2 or 3 alternatives for each course. It Is precisely for the feeling of “home” and tradition, between poor and ancient recipes, that we recommend a Cesarine visit to all those who wish to experience a true sense of Italy.

How to enter the network of home restaurants

Entering the network of Italian home restaurants is simple: anyone can do it! Home restaurants do not need any particular requirements or licenses and only have the limitation of maximum revenue of 5000 gross euros per year. Therefore, it is not a source of real income but a possible “second job,” perfect for anyone who is particularly good at the stove and has good knowledge of local cuisine and hygiene rules to be adopted during the preparation of meals. Home restaurants work and advertise themselves through web networks. One of the best- known platforms to become a home restaurant manager in Italy or to look for a place to have lunch or dinner is Gnammo.

Cesarine and other initiatives


The Cesarine are one of the widest networks of Italian homemade cooks. They are aunts, moms, wives and grandmothers dedicated to tradition with good culinary skills that choose to exploit their abilities to make the local cuisine known to tourists and earn some extra money. Their activity is not limited to the mere management of the various Italian home restaurants, on the contrary! They often organize cooking classes, culinary workshops and tasting experiences. For all useful info on organized activities and meeting opportunities we refer you to the official website.

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