Il Menhir Agritourism in Sardinia

We are in Sardinia, in Ogliastra, a land of enchanting beauty situated along the eastern side of Sardinia. The territory between the peaks of Gennargentu and the Tyrrhenian Sea, is considered among the most evocative of the island. Defined the amphitheater on the sea, the Ogliastra includes several natural monuments, pristine beaches, recognized among the finest in the world and itineraries for trekking, mountain biking and climbing.

Exactly here, in high Ogliastra, in the small town of Villagrande Strisaili, lies the Il Menhir Agritourism, a family run business located in a scenic location, a short distance from the sea and the mountains. The farm started the activity in 1940 and in recent times it has taken on the look of a farm, with five elegantly furnished rooms and a dining room that can accommodate up to sixty people.

Il Menhir Agritourism has a laboratory used for the production of homemade pasta and exclusively handmade local products without the use of preservatives or coming from the local area companies, such as oil, cheese, wine, hams, pork and mutton, cakes, bread, cereals, vegetables and fruits. A confirmation of the excellence of all that is brought upon the table of customers, we must remember that the company follows the lines and principles of organic farming and uses water from a nearby well for irrigation of the fields.


One of the strengths of Maria Giuseppina’s farm is certainly the gastronomy; the menu that is served to guests, in fact, boasts dishes and succulent delicacies of local ogliastrina cuisine and Mediterranean dishes from the island, starting from the starters, with the famous ham of Villagrande, then move on to the cheeses, vegetables and meat courses, which owe their goodness to the methods of preparation and special cooking techniques, including the quality of the wood and shrubs used.

Among the main courses with which the agritourism delight the palate of its loyal customers, we suggest the pig on the spit called “On porceddu”, the lamb, goat and wild boar, all accompanied by cannonau good wine, the elixir of longevity that makes Villagrande Strisaili a destination for researchers and scholars of the most prestigious universities in the world.

Il Menhir Agritourism can be a starting point for naturalistic and environmental excursions that will take the most picturesque corners of the territory and in the most important archaeological sites of the Nuragic culture in Ogliastra present. Ideal destination for sports fans and excursions, Sardinia is rich in evidence material and spiritual traceable throughout the territory and strong in the air is the call to the things of the past, the folklore as authentic tradition still alive and present in every aspect the life of this wonderful people.

The same atmosphere you can breathe in Maria Giuseppina’s farm, a place that deserves to be chosen as a destination for their holidays because here you will feel embraced by the warmth of its owners and in full contact with nature and its benefits. Il Menhir Agritourism cares with care and great hospitality all its guests, in order to ensure them the best quality and authenticity of the products and the most typical flavors of its homeland. 


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