Franciacorta is a sparkling wine of the same name place in Lombardy (among Iseo lake, Oglio and Mella rivers and the province of Brescia), that lightly smells of fruit and has an harmonic and pleasant taste.

There are a lot of different kinds of Franciacorta: white, rosé, vintage, satèn and riserva.

Franciacorta is produced with Chardonnay grapes, with or without Pinot Nero ones and sometimes Pinot Bianco ones, which, though, must never be over the half of the entire composition.

Treatment: it re-ferments in bottle for a year and a half or more, with improvement on yeasts, and is developed and left ripened for at least two years after the harvest.

Description: the colour is straw-yellow with golden glares and the perlage (the bubbles) is faint and long lasting. Taste is a mix of bread, citrus fruits, almonds, nuts and dried figs. It is a very tasty sparkling wine, faint, fresh and harmonic.

Franciacorta Satèn is produced with Chardonnay grapes and sometimes Pinot Bianco ones, which, though, must never be over the half of the entire composition.

Treatment: pressure in bottle is under five atmospheres and wines are selected very carefully, which make it particularly soft to the taste.

Description: the colour is straw-yellow, strong and tending to green and the perlage is faint and long lasting. On the smell one can identify white flowers, ripe fresh fruit, almonds and nuts, also toasted. It is very tasty, fresh, soft so that is recalls silk (from here the name: Satèn, from satin, silk).

Franciacorta Rosé is made of Chardonnay, Pinot Nero (in a minimum percentage of 25%) and Pinot Bianco (in a maximum percentage of 50%) grapes.

Treatment: grapes ferment with the peel as long as they take the desired colour. Base wine is Pinot Nero vinified in pink, or its mix with also Chardonnay and Pinot Bianco.

Description: the presence of Pinot Nero wine is strong in this sparkling, that thus becomes very particular.

If the aging periods of these three sparkling are lengthened, there are Millesimato and Riserva variations.

The first takes its name from the word “thousandth”, that means that all the wine is of a unique year, which, thus, is particularly good and the wine is valued with more refinement times than those of assembly. From the grape harvest to the selling there must pass at least three years. Franciacorta Riserva is a vintage wine of best quality, which to be at its top must remain on yeasts for at least five years. From the grape harvest to the selling must pass at least five years and a half. As previously said, there are a lot of Franciacorta sparkling types, some of which are: Franciacorta Brüt Rosé Flamingo, Franciacorta Brüt Cuvée Royale, Franciacorta Brüt Satèn, Franciacorta Soul Satèn Millesimato, Franciacorta Brüt, Franciacorta Extra Brüt, Franciacorta Brüt Essence, Franciacorta Pas Dosé, Franciacorta Brüt Blanc de Blancs, Franciacorta Rosé Demi Sec, Franciacorta Brüt Nature.

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