Bussana Vecchia, the country of artists 

Discover the works of art of this fabulous Ligurian village

In Italy there are ancient hamlets all to be discovered as Bussana Vecchia that today are reborn and become popular tourist destinations. Thanks to the initiative of a group of artists this small Ligurian town once abandoned has become an open-air workshop where you can breathe art in every corner.

Here you can know in detail what the ancient village is and you will also discover its history. But that’s not all, in fact you will find out what to do and see in this village of Liguria. Finally you will know where you can sleep and where you can eat in Bussana Vecchia the village of artists.

Bussana Vecchia - Cosa Vedere nel Borgo degli Artisti Ligure
Lorenzo Taccioli

What is Old Bussana?

Bussana Vecchia is an ancient village that rises on a hill behind Sanremo in Liguria. The village has an ancient origin that dates back to Roman times. In 1887 was devastated a violent earthquake that forced the inhabitants to leave the village and move 3 kilometers further downstream.

In the 50s, thanks to a collective of artists, philosophers and artisans, the small village was reborn as an open-air museum. Attracted by the history of this village, the group decided to found here its community dedicated exclusively to art.

Thanks to the recovery of the less damaged structures, the collective has managed to create exhibitions, ateliers, small taverns and workshops. Over the years, more and more visitors come to this village and are surprised by the atmosphere and beauty.

Bussana Vecchia | WeekendIdea
Il secolo XIX

What to see in Bussana Old village of artists?

If you are thinking of visiting Bussana Vecchia you should know that this is the place for those who love the art that will be surprised by the show that will be in front of your eyes. For this reason, the advice is to walk through the streets of the ancient village. In fact, this is a real outdoor museum. One of the things to see in Bussana Vecchia is the Chiesa Grande destroyed during the earthquake like the rest of the village.

Cosa vedere a Bussana vecchia: il terremoto e gli artisti
Nonni Avventura

Today it is forbidden to enter but you can admire the ruins from the outside. But that’s not all, in fact the artists often organize installations to embellish what remains of the ancient church. Not far from here is another place of the small village must visit. This is the garden among the ruins where you can make a guided tour through the ruins to discover the vegetation that rises in the middle of them such as succulents and cacti. Another historical building of the village is the Castle this important building is located on top of the village.

Bussana vecchia, storia e info per visitare il borgo medievale

Unlike the church this is in practice completely destroyed. Undoubtedly one of the most interesting aspects of the artistic village are the ateliers that are located among the ruins. Here you can find unique creations such as sculptures and carved objects that you will only find in Bussana Vecchia.

Bussana Vecchia: where to sleep and eat?

Bussana Vecchia is a must to visit and spend a night here is an experience to try. You should know that if you want to sleep in the village there are not many facilities. In fact there are some apartments for rent and B&B that are managed by the artists of Old Bussana.

Not far away, about 10 kilometers are Sanremo and Arma di Taggia where you can find a wider offer. In fact in the two Ligurian resorts there are many hotels, B & B and holiday homes and campsites. As for where to eat you should know that in Bussana Vecchia there is the Osteria degli artisti. This is the first locale that has been opened.

Osteria Degli Artisti pizzeria, Bussana Vecchia - Recensioni del ristorante
Restaurant Guru

But it is not the only one, in fact there are many other clubs and restaurants where you can eat healthy dishes.  Alternatively you can go to one of the many restaurants and trattorias of Sanremo where you can taste the dishes of traditional Ligurian cuisine.buss

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