Where to stay in Campania: Magri’s Hotel

Are you wondering where to stay in Campania? I have just the right solution for you. Read on to learn more!

Naples is an extremely interesting city both from the point of view of the landscape and from the historical / cultural point of view and, consequently, artistic. It has an ancient history behind it, made up of dominions, conquests and great defeats. It is home to numerous open-air archaeological excavations as well as enchanting (and relatively “recent”) churches, museums and ancient buildings. But also of characteristic streets, of touristic alleys and ultramodern neighborhoods, like that of the Centro Direzionale.

It is easy to reach as it is well connected and it is also cheap and suitable for all kinds of travellers: there are luxury hotels and gourmet restaurants as well as the most modest lodgings and small budget rooms that provide delicious traditional cuisine at absolutely ridiculously low prices.

Naples: all the warmth of the south

If we speak of “South”, one of the cities most certainly loved by visitors, both Italians or foreigners, is certainly the charming Naples, cradle of historical and architectural beauties nestled between the imposing volcano Vesuvius and the splendid Gulf of the Sorrento coast. Naples is a splendid city both to visit and to experience. Very famous all over the world not only for its beauty but also for its exceptional typical cuisine. Are you wondering where to stay in Naples, what to eat and what to see? Keep reading.

Naples: what to see?

Naples is rich in places of worship to visit by yourself or in company. It is impossible to miss a tour of Borgo Marinari, with its narrow streets close to the sea, as well as a walk in the characteristic Piazza Plebiscito or a visit to Castel dell’Ovo.

Other destinations that we feel obliged to suggest are:

  • the Villa Comunale: huge and super relaxing
  • Underground Naples
  • the Vomero, with its splendid panoramic point of view
  • Castel Sant’Elmo
  • The National Archaeological Museum, unique in its kind

What to eat in Naples?

Naples is very famous for its culinary culture. The typical cuisine involves the use of fresh fish (because of the proximity to the sea and therefore the almost daily availability of excellent fish) and baked products.

Naples is famous not only for the famous “Neopolitan pizza“, but also for other  flour based dishes such as “pane cafone” or the “casatiello“. Dessert is also a must: the Neapolitans are famous all over the world for their “sfogliatelle” filled with ricotta and sugar, to be enjoyed strictly with a good strong espresso coffee with an unforgettable flavor.

Where to stay in Naples? How to reach it?

 If you’re wondering where to stay in Italy and more precisely where to stay in Campania, maybe to visit the beautiful Naples, I must tell you that the options are endless. The hotels in Campania are numerous and are mainly concentrated in the tourist areas, including Naples, the Amalfi Coast and nearby Pompeii and Caserta, the first, city of historical worship for Catholicism, and the second famous for the presence of the enchanting Royal Palace. Accommodations range from simple and modest 2-star to luxurious 5-star hotels.

dove dormire in campania

The Magri’s Hotel in Naples, for example, is considered an excellent choice for anyone looking for one of the typical Italian hotels with a good quality / price ratio. It is in fact a four-star hotel in a strategic position from which you can easily reach all the main places of interest, given the proximity to many stops and especially with the Gianturco Station (for those traveling by train) and the A3 motorway junction, for travelers by car.

Let’s see exactly where to stay in Campania. I propose a structure that will suit your needs!

Where to stay  in Campania: The Magri’s Hotel

The Magri’s Hotel is located not far from the Centro Direzionale in Naples, meaning the small “citadel” composed of skyscrapers, a synergistic center for the meeting between entrepreneurs and corporate workers, for meetings and conferences. It is in fact the headquarters of companies such as Telecom, Eni, Enel and Banco di Napoli, as well as the seat of the Regional Council and of the City Court. The structure is super-technological. Each room at Magri’s Hotel is equipped with the most modern comforts, to which extra services can be added, such as newspaper delivery every morning, room service and much more.

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