Naples, The Guinnes World Record Pizza

Cradle of ancient and modern tribes, dream and destination for many intellectuals of the past centuries, loved and hated at the same time, Naples continues to be the city of inspiration that takes your breath away and that, despite everything, does not go unnoticed. Virgil called it a wonderful “locus amoenus“, a perennial spring which he fallen in love, much to want to be buried right here, in what is now been renamed the Park Virgiliano.

Naples is the city that gave birth to the pizza as we know it today, a unique product that, thanks to the undeniable culinary genius of its people, cross the threshold of national borders and become a flag, a symbol of the Bella Italia that never ceases to fascinate people around the world, today winner of the title of the longest pizza in the world. In fact, the first real union between the dough and the tomato occurred in the mid-eighteenth century in the Kingdom of Naples and his success conquered the sovereigns of Italy King Umberto I and Queen Margherita, so that in 1889 the pizza maker Raffaele Esposito dedicated to her the “pizza Margherita”, which represented the new tricolor flag with the white of the mozzarella, red tomato and green basil.

For five years Napoli organizes a great culinary event to celebrate pizza, an opportunity for the industry, but especially for the public of major events, animated by the presence of 50 of the most famous Neapolitan pizzerias in the world. We are talking about Napoli Pizza Village, the event hosted by the charming and famous promenade of Via Caracciolo! On 18 May, it has been the stage for an important international event promoted right from Napoli Pizza Village under the patronage of the city of Naples and in collaboration with the Association of Neapolitan Pizza Makers, which was attended by over 250 foreign and Italian pizza makers that made even more special the Neapolitan symbol of excellence.

In 6 hours and 11 minutes they have made a long pizza almost 2 km, precisely 1853, 88 meters: the longest pizza in the world, as certified by the Guinness World Record judge Committee, Lucia Sinigagliesi. A huge pan with its mixture of 40 cm wide and 2 km long have been put into five special mobile ovens, ad hoc produced and patented for trying to enter into the history of the Guinness World Record. The records pizza has been realized with two thousand kg of flour, 1600 kg of tomatoes, two thousand kg of mozzarella, 200 liters of oil and 30 kg of basil!
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