The 5 Most Famous Cafés in Naples

It is by far the most beloved drink in Italy. There’s no comparison. It is the drink that gets Italians through their morning daze, through work, it is an after lunch and after dinner must, and quite simply the element that defines every moment of an Italian’s day. It is coffee we’re talking about, and coffee is Naples, the city’s symbol in the world. For this reason, today Italian Traditions takes you to one of the most beautiful cities in Italy and the world, on a quest to discover its best and most famous cafés. Here, in Naples, coffee is undoubtedly much better than in any other part of Italy. It is almost a cult, an anthropological rite, a social liturgy, an introducing factor into society. It is the excuse to have a chat, tell a secret or a joke. However, it is also an undeniable pleasure. In Naples, coffee is a way to remember that the pleasures of life are shared, because only by sharing them do they become real and tangible. In Naples, coffee is not only loved because it has a great taste, but instead it has a great taste because it is loved, which very well may be the secret to Neapolitan coffee.

Gran Caffè La Caffettiera

A hitsoric café and a meeting point, it is located in the historic center of Naples, in a very unique and prestigious location, Piazza dei Martiri, inside a historic building, Palazzo Calabritto, whose name comes from the French Dukes of Estouteville, who settled in Naples during the reign of Aragon. A symbol of bountiful gastronomy for over 30 years, the café was established by a family of Neapolitan entrepreneurs, the Campajola, who worked in the restoration sector for over 60 years. The environment of this location is warm, refined, welcoming, yet innovative. It is an ambassador of coffee, using the brand Kimbo. Gran Caffè has been working on the preparation and blends for years. It pays special attention to every detail it serves to its customers to guarantee a unique espresso, a cup full of taste and energy. Impeccable service and a great sense of hospitality have made the coffee house’s brand echo all the way to Palazzo Chigi, where for two years the branch of Italian government was delighted with pastries and coffee from the Gran Caffè la Caffetteria of Naples. (For more info, click here)

Caffè Gambrinus

There is no doubt that Gambrinus is a great part of the history of Naples. At the time of the Neapolitan and international intellectual elite, it was one of the best examples of an Italian literary café, inspired by other European literary cafés. Its history started with the Unification of Italy in 1860, when the Gran Cafè was opened. Overlooking Piazza del Plebiscito and the Royal Palace, Gambrinus soon became a world living room. The Gambrinus is an architectural jewel in liberty style; the decorations and stucco that have remained intact over time, give it the light and an elegant allure comparable to the most important Viennese and Parisian cafés of the early twentieth century. What makes this café still one of the most loved and prestigious of the city is surely the high quality of its materials, combined with its excellent craftsmanship procedures. At Caffè Gambrinus, espresso is prepared according to the ancient Neapolitan recipe: dark, dense and burning hot. Have you ever heard of the famous “suspended coffee”? It is here in the second part of the 1800s that this tradition of paying it forward started- it consists in paying for an extra coffee so that when a person in need comes in, they can have the pleasure of having a warm drink, on you. (For more info, click here)

Caffè Intra Moenia

It is one of the so-called Italian book bars that is worth visiting at least once. All different kinds of people can be seen there including intellectuals, tourists and young people. It contributes great value to the old town of the city of Naples, as a cultural center and an initiative that is able to incorporate the youth. The literary Cafè Intra Moenia was established in 1989. Located in Piazza Bellini, its name comes from an ancient Greek-Roman mural lining that stood next to an entrance portal to the city; ergo its name Intra Moenia meaning “inside the murals”. The bar is also a publishing house, Edizioni Intra Moenia, mostly specialized in books about the history of the city. The inside of the café is full of books and its clients can buy them, and also read them at a table snuggled up with a cup of coffee. This place has a room that can hold up to 40 people, where book presentations are usually held as well as book clubs, music initiatives and art and photography exhibitions. (For more info, click here)

Il Vero Bar del Professore

Located just a few steps away from the suggestive Piazza del Plebscito, this café is managed by Raffaele Ferrieri who, together with love and passion has continued the work that is a result of experience that has been handed down from father to son for forty years, combining Neapolitan tradition and innovation. Together with his wife and his two sons, Raffaele has developed different coffee variants, inventing the famous hazelnut coffee. The consistency, kindness and constant work together with high quality of the products are the cafés strong points. Here, over 63 different ways to prepare Italy ‘s favorite beverage have been invented including ingredients such as: fennel, basil, crunchy consistency, kinder and black and white. However, you can always find the most traditional Neapolitan espresso, a delicacy to be tasted by all who adore the taste of an excellent coffee. The bar boasts a production of typical products from the region of Campania, from local desserts made from puff pastry to rum cake and other pastries, to local coffee roasting of whole beans, ground coffee and coffee capsules. (For more info, click here)

Gran Caffè Cimmino

It is here on a side street of Via Filangieri, just a few feet away from Piazza dei Martiri , that you can find one of the city’s bourgeoisie living rooms, also known as Gran Caffè Cimmino. Founded in 1970, you can be sure that this bar is full at all hours of the day. In this café with elegant and sought after furnishing and décor, you can taste delicious and freshly baked croissants, donuts, pastries and best of all, homemade pizza and other salty treats to accompany an afternoon aperitif, the cafés specialty. In fact, this café is not only known for its excellence in coffee-making, but also for its delicious aperitif. A couple months ago, the Gran Caffè Cimmino opened its doors in Milan, where it brings the best Neapolitan cuisine and pastry: babà, fried macaroni, pizza, and pastries. From now on, Neapolitans living away from home can taste a little piece of home in Milan. (For more info, click here)


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