Voghiera garlic, natural antibiotic with a delicate taste

Voghiera garlic, excellent product of the territory of Ferrara

In Italy there are many regional products of excellent quality that are famous all over the world for their beneficial properties. One of these is the Aglio di Voghiera which is produced in the province of Ferrara in Emilia-Romagna. Thanks to the soil in which the product is grown, it has a particular typicality. So here you can find out in detail what it consists of and what are the main qualities of this Italian gastronomic excellence. You will also learn about its history and learn its main uses in the kitchen of this which is one of the many Italian excellences.

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What is Voghiera Garlic?

Aglio di Voghiera is a particular type that is grown in a specific area of Emilia-Romagna, or the province of Ferrara. In fact Voghiera is a town near Ferrara. Here the tradition of garlic cultivation has been going on since ancient times. This variety of garlic has the particularity of being very delicate. For this reason it is much appreciated and is often used in the kitchen for the realization of numerous dishes. This vegetable has been recognized as a PDO product and there is a specification that regulates its production. This is protected by the Consorzio Produttori Aglio di Voghiera. In addition, the specification also establishes the different types that can be marketed. It is:

  • fresh garlic
  • semi-dry garlic
  • dry garlic.

Every year in the autumn months the best bulbs of the previous crop are selected and planted manually. In addition, another peculiarity concerns the fact that the stems and bulbs are traditionally processed by hand. After they have been dried they are packaged for sale.

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Voghiera garlic: the history and main features

The Garlic of Voghiera has a history that is closely linked with its territory of origin. The city was the administrative center of the Empire until the seventh century D. C.. Later the Lords of Ferrara, the Estensi, encouraged the cultivation in this area by devoting a particular attention to the garden plants.Among these were the garlic and other aromatic herbs that were used to flavor the meat.

Here garlic has found the ideal soil to be cultivated. Among the distinctive characteristics of Voghiera’s garlic is the shape of its bulb that is roundish. In addition, when you cut and crush the segments gives off a very intense smell with spicy notes but that are not too pungent. Thanks to this feature it is able to balance with other flavors. Finally, another quality that is very appreciated is the long shelf life of the product.

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Here’s how to use Voghiera garlic

Aglio di Voghiera is particularly appreciated by the best Italian chefs for its delicacy and is often used for the preparation of traditional dishes of Italian cuisine. To make the best use of the aromatic properties of this regional product it is advisable to pound the cloves of garlic inside a mortar. There are many delicious recipes that can be prepared with this product.

Without a doubt one of the great classics of Italian cuisine are the spaghetti garlic oil and chili. But not only in fact, there are many recipes that can be made with this particular garlic delicate and very digestible. Voghiera Garlic is also known for its special beneficial properties. In fact this is a natural antibiotic that comes in aid of immune defenses.

It also has interesting anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. Finally it is believed that this garlic also has aphrodisiac properties. Finally, you should know that every year in August there is the Garlic Fair of Voghiera. This particular event was born over twenty years ago to enhance this product typical of the territory of Ferrara.

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