Tulipanomania 2022: the splendor of tulips in Italy

Back again this year one of the most popular flower events for all fans, the flowering of tulips: the event, called “Tulipanomania“, will take place as every year in the Sigurtà Garden Park and will see the flowering of more than a million tulips and other floral species that will give life to a dream landscape. So let’s find out all the information about the event!

Giardino del Sigurtà
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History and symbolism of tulips

Before giving information about the event Tulipanomania, it is good to know some features of this wonderful bulb: the Tulip is a plant native to the East but very famous in Europe especially for Dutch cultivation.

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The tulip belongs to the Liliaceae family and is famous for the sweet and intense smell that emanates, in addition to the different wonderful colors. Loved all over the world for its beauty despite its simplicity, the tulip is one of the symbols of spring: in the past it was considered a sign of wealth and power among the Ottoman people and in general represents the cycle of regrowth, of the return of the heat at the end of winter and of the ideal love.

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Clearly the symbolic meaning also varies depending on the color of the flower: white tulips are ideal to be forgiven, yellow ones to illuminate a particularly difficult day, The pink ones express affection while the red ones are a sign of true love and eternal.  

Tulipanomania 2022: all the useful information

In spring, at Sigurtà Park in Valeggio sul Mincio in the province of Verona, there is a spectacular rebirth of nature involving tulips, hyacinths, muscari and daffodils: from 6 March to 30 April it will be possible to admire the park in all its splendor with millions of tulips in bloom.

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The event was much appreciated so as to count more than 300.000 annual visits: it is the flowering of over 300 varieties of tulips in a unique context, including water gardens, ponds and other beautiful frames of the park.

Visitors will be able to observe the blooming tulips in different parts of the garden, including:

  • Flowerbeds Avenue, where there are more than 100 flower beds with hand-planting tulips
  • In the flowerbeds located near the Viale delle Rose and the Great Turf/li>In the woods
  • In the meadows near the monument strong/> dedicated to Carlo Sigurtàstrong, founder of the park

Visitors will be fascinated not only by the beautiful tulips but also by the other flowers present and the majesty of the 60-hectare park.

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The event Tulipanomania won in 2016 the Parksmania Awards and in 2019 the World Tulip Society awarded the Sigurtà Park the prize World Tulip Destination Travelling Worth For, thanks to the excellent promotion and celebration of this wonderful flower.

To participate in the event is required to pay an entrance fee of € 15.50 and there are discounts for over 65, children and disabled: the park will be open from 9 to 18 in March and until 19 in April.

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The Sigurtà Park

The Sigurtà Park was founded in 1407 when in the period of Venetian domination of Valeggio sul Mincio, the entire property was bought by Gerolamo Nicolò Contarini: In ancient times it was a farm with a purely agricultural function where there was also a garden for the idleness of the ancient nobles.

Over the years the structure passed into the hands of several families, was modified and expanded until during the spring of 1941 came into possession of the Sigurtà family: Doctor Giuseppe Carlo Sigurtà, The aim was not only to beautify the garden but also to expand it from 22 hectares to the present size of 60 hectares.

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The Sigurtà garden officially opens to the public on March 19, 1978: initially it can be visited exclusively on board a car, today it is only visited on foot, also to better preserve nature. As mentioned before, the park is famous for tulips: careful and meticulous research has been done on the flowering of these plants, to date there are more than a million bulbs and considered the most important flowering of all Southern Europe.

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The Sigurtà Park is located in the beautiful town of Valeggio sul Mincio, a very small and characteristic village but with many wonderful attractions to visit. Near the park you can admire the Scaliger Castle, built in the tenth century, the Church of San Pietro in Cattedra, the Town Hall and the Guarmenti Palace.

Valeggio sul Mincio
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Another attraction to visit is certainly the Visconti Bridge, built at the end of 1300 to defend the city of Verona and finally the Borghetto sul Mincio, a village famous for its characteristic water mills and included in the list of the most beautiful villages in Italy.

 Borghetto sul Mincio
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Where to see other expanses of tulips in Italy

The tulips are present not only in Veneto but also in several other regions of Italy: a famous expanse of tulips to admire is located at Blufi in Sicily, on the Madonie. It is a large expanse of red tulips, near the Sanctuary Madonna dell’Olio, among almond trees and olive trees that grow spontaneously: it is necessary to be careful to admire and photograph them without collecting them to preserve the beauty of the natural place.

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In Lombardy you can admire the blooms of tulips in the Groane Park, which extends over two hectares and where baskets are also provided to collect flowers; In Lazio there are the Gardens of the Landriana where you can admire in addition to the beautiful tulips also several other plants including oranges and olive trees.

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Finally, always in the Lazio region, near Rome there is the Tulipark that extends over 6 hectares and where, for a fee of an entrance fee, you can collect two tulips per person but also participate in flower design workshops.

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On these occasions it is taught how to create flower arrangements, which flowers to choose and how to decorate the house using in addition to tulips also Italian flowers: some ideas are to hang flowered vases on the ceiling, chandelier or furniture using daisies, lilies or gerberas of different colors. Alternatively you can use original DIY vases with glass jars and recycled material in which to put poppies, freesias or anemones that will give a touch of originality and liveliness to your home!

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