Trekking with Alpacas in Valmalenco, walking with this sweet South American camelids

A walk different from the usual, in Valmalenco , in a naturalistic context of great beauty. A different walk because it is done with  very sweet and friendly animals: the Alpacas.

Although shy, these fine wool animals, native to South America, offer good company during trekking and it’s fun to walk them around.

Fonte: Si Viaggia

Alpacas are excellent companions for trekking with friends. Adults become children again and the children themselves  go crazy for it. Trekking is an excellent idea to rediscover the ancient maggenghi of the valley and their fascinating history.

Trekking Alpaca
Fonte: Il Maso delle Erbe

The route is very simple and panoramic, it develops near Caspoggio (between Santa Elisabetta and Curada).
The particular and original aspect is precisely the walk with the Alpacas, whose breeding has gradually spread also in Europe, as an animal that adapts well to different climates.

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In fact, their innate sweetness and sympathy makes them perfect for being pets, especially for those looking for a little happiness on all fours. It is no coincidence that they are nicknamed “the animals that always smile” and perhaps it is precisely for this reason that they have become the undisputed protagonists of social networks. If in the Andes they are raised only for their milk and their precious wool, in Europe they are also used for trekking in nature and Alpacatherapy: a bizarre but effective Pet Therapy carried out together with children.

Alpaca Terapia
Fonte: In Toscana

Summer in Valmanenco

Valmalenco is a side valley of Valtellina, in the province of Sondrio. The valley starts from the Valdone bridge (above the city of Sondrio), heads north towards Pizzo Bernina and is about fifteen kilometers long in the valley floor. 

Fonte: Io Donna

It is organized in five municipalities (Spriana, Torre S. Maria, Caspoggio, Chiesa Valmalenco, Lanzada) and has a population of about six thousand people (2016 data). In the initial part the Valmalenco is narrow, characterized by steep and tree-lined slopes of chestnut and ash trees; it then opens into a large green basin that branches off into the valleys of Chiareggio and Lanterna, at the foot of the mountains Disgrazia and Bernina.

Fonte: Miniera della Bagnada

Climbing lovers: Valmalenco is full of cliffs for both beginners and the best climbers. The “star” of Valmalenco is undoubtedly the Pizzo Bernina, which thanks to its 4059 m of altitude is the highest peak in the central-eastern Alps.

Fonte: Valtellina Sport

Thanks to the numerous paths recently arranged and the wide mule tracks, Valmalenco also lends itself to all the disciplines of mountain biking, with more or less tiring climbs depending on where the pedaling begins.

Fonte: Life in Travel

The Alta Via della Valmalenco is one of the most beautiful high altitude hiking trails in the Alps: the richness of the spontaneous flora, the presence of ancient soapstone quarries, the mountain huts and the panoramic views make it unique in its genre.

And what to eat in Valmanenco if not pizzoccheri and polenta taragna? Of course, in summer it can certainly get too hot for these two typical dishes and then you can keep cool with Bresaola della Valtellina, one of the symbolic products of this area.

Fonte: Primo Chef

Finally, don’t miss a taste of the dry red passito known as Sforzato or a good glass of Valtellina Superiore.

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