The less known Sardinian culinary traditions to try absolutely

Sardinia is a very popular tourist destination for its enchanting beaches and transparent sea, for its wild and uncontaminated nature, history, art and culture, but also for its important culinary traditions. 

Sardinian cuisine is ancient, rich and tasty, with dishes born from the agro pastoral tradition of the hinterland and dishes embellished by the seafood of its coasts: an ideal gastronomic proposal to be enjoyed even in the coldest season. Sardinia, therefore, is the perfect destination if you want to live unique experiences, visit spectacular places, get to know a strong and traditional culture and if you want to eat well, trying new and tasty food.

The typical dishes to try

If you are planning a trip to Sardinia in winter and you love good food, there are some dishes and typical products that you should definitely try. The first is definitely carasau bread: it is a thin and crispy bread made with semolina flour that, if softened in meat broth or water and seasoned with sauce and pecorino cheese in layers, gives life to what is called frattau bread or, flavored with oil and rosemary and toasted or baked in the oven, with guttiau bread. Sardinian bread is a perfect product to accompany with typical cheeses, such as casizolu, milling, goat cheese, caciocavallo, Sardinian flower, pecorino cheese and fresh ricotta.

Among the most famous early Sardinians there are the Culurgiones (ear-shaped pasta filled with potatoes, pecorino cheese and mint), the Fregula (durum wheat semolina and water served in fish, vegetable or meat soups) and the Malloreddus (small semolina gnocchi usually seasoned with meat sauce). Two very ancient and widespread Sardinian dishes are the panadas (violata pasta cakes filled with potatoes, lamb and dried tomatoes) and the Gallura Soup, created with stale bread, cheese and mixed meat broth. 

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Among the main dishes of the land an icon of Sardinian cuisine is porceddu, roast pork on a spit or cooked on a vertical grill, while another symbolic dish is lamb with artichokes. Also the sea is the protagonist of the table in Sardinia, with the Catalan lobster and the carlofortina tuna among the most popular dishes. 

On the dessert there is no doubt: seadas represent the most typical dessert that can be enjoyed in Sardinia.  

The outdoor activities to do

If you want to take a break from the table, you can practice one of the many outdoor activities that Sardinia offers. Among the most popular are climbing, canyoning and paragliding, followed by surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, sailing, SUP and canoeing to be played on the sea, while hiking and cycling allow you to discover the hinterland and immerse yourself in the wilderness and little known Sardinian nature.

Who wants to have an outdoor experience without tiring too much, can instead opt for a tour in quad, motorcycle, off-road or horse, or practice one of the many beach sports or try sport fishing and birdwatching, with the opportunity to observe different species of migratory and sedentary birds.

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