Summer Yoga Festival : relaxation and nature in Sardinia

For those who are looking forward to the arrival of the holidays to enjoy a relaxing holiday, away from the hustle and bustle of the city and the hectic daily routine, the city of Santa Teresa Gallura, in Sardinia, offers the best solution: This is the Summer Yoga Festival, a gathering totally dedicated not only to yoga, but also and above all to physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

The peculiarity of the event lies in the fact that it is open to all, both to fans of the discipline, both to newbies or just curious! The goal, in fact, is to spend a few hours in the beautiful Sardinian hills and, through the Hatha Yoga, regain the psycho-physical balance to return home with the right charge.

Costa Smeralda

The Summer Yoga Festival begins on June 24 and ends on August 30. The lessons are held on the Spanish tower in Santa Teresa Gallura, in a breathtaking setting given by the Strait of Bonifacio, on the following days and hours:

  • Monday and Wednesday from 08.30 to 09.30;
  • Friday from 20.00 to 21.00.

An original, creative idea, out of the box that allows you to take a break from work commitments and everyday thoughts for dedicate yourself to the care of mind, body and soul!

What to see in Gallura

Once you arrive in Gallura and after attending a yoga class, it would be a shame to give up looking around and taking a tour around the area. Gallura is often associated with the Costa Smeralda and Porto Cervo, two places renowned for social life and extra luxury services, but the territory keeps inside a hidden treasure and has much more to reveal and show.

That’s why it’s really worth getting in the car and go to discover the most inland (and unknown) areas of Gallura!

BG Viaggi

The Millenary Olive Trees and the Museum of Femina Agabbadòra of Luras

Near the Lago del Liscia there are real natural monuments, that is the Olivastri di Luras, high and majestic olive trees whose view really leaves you breathless! The largest, which reaches a height of 14 meters, has a circumference of 12 meters and occupies an area of about 600 square meters, was declared in 1991 Natural Monument. Its name is Great Patriarch, it is the oldest olive tree in Europe and is among the 20 Italian secular trees.

Si Viaggia

Always in Luras here is the Museum of Femina Agabbadòra, a figure as controversial as mysterious: legend has it that it was a woman who, through a hammer made of olive wood, managed to put an end to the suffering of the sick. The Museum dedicated to her is deeply linked to the traditions of the territory and visiting it allows tourists to learn more about the lifestyle and values of Gallura citizens.

Lake Liscia

Between the Olivastri and the Museum, it is impossible not to look at the Lago del Liscia, an artificial lake surrounded by an unspoilt landscape very suggestive.

There is the possibility of make an excursion by boat, recommended to those who have never been on site, to enjoy and enjoy a simply incredible experience.

The Nuraghe Majori of Tempio Pausania

Dating back to the Bronze Age, the Nuraghe Majori houses a large family of bats, which arrives in April and starts again in October. During the excavations, , were found some tools of daily use that confirm the fact that the Nuraghe was a full-fledged house.

To date, it is one of the most impressive, significant and renamed structures in Gallura.

In Gallura

The Banditry Museum, the old town and the Moon Valley of Aggius

Particular and characteristic, The Banditism Museum of Aggius collects inside the various testimonies of Sardinian brigantism: a vast collection of firearms and a copious original documentation dating back to the time of the Spanish rule tell the story in detail. Visiting the museum is like taking a leap into the past and living on your own skin a context similar to that of the “far west”!

Aggius is also famous for its historic centre, with its cobbled streets, granite houses, beautiful museums and a typical nineteenth century atmosphere. Walking inside is equivalent to rediscovering the beauty of the past, to be immortalized in a souvenir photo.

Before leaving the country, you must jump into the Valley of the Moon, with a wonderful view that ranges from Luras to Temple Pausania. The surrounding landscape, decidedly rocky and jagged, welcomes visitors who want to stop and enjoy a platter of cold cuts and a glass of good local wine.

Si Viaggia

The Tombs of the Giants and the nuragic complex Prisgiona di Arzachena

Even at Arzachena it is possible to admire historical testimonies of great importance: first of all the Tombs of the Giants, dating back to 1400 B.C. and accompanied by a burial chamber 3 meters wide and 30 meters long where, In the past, we used to pay homage to the dead in the community.

To follow, the nuragic complex Prisgiona, composed of a nuraghe surrounded by a village of huts extending over 5 hectares.

What to do in Gallura

If the cultural aspect can take over, Gallura also offers a lot of fun and entertainment! There are many activities that you can do on the territory, even in the company of family or friends, with the aim of spending days always different and carefree!

Here is a must-do list in Gallura:

Taste the Gallura soup

Gallura, like other areas of Sardinia, offers visitors typical dishes with a unique and irresistible flavor! Among these, the record goes without any doubt to the zuppa gallurese: a Sardinian lasagna composed of several layers of soft stale bread soaked in sheep’s soup and a mountain of cheese.

The broth can also be made with other meats and, some variants, also provide the presence of fennel.

Cotto e Crudo

Take a trip to the Archipelago of La Maddalena

L’Archipelago of La Maddalena is a jewel that must be visited, which welcomes some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

The advice is to rent a small boat or join a tour organized for visit the entire archipelago and get lost in the crystal clear waters and the priceless beauty of the individual islands.

Watching the sunset in Porto Pollo

For the more romantic it is right to go to admire the sunset in Porto Pollo, whose beach is characterized by the presence of granite rocks that, towards the shore, leave room for a long stretch of fine sand.

The place is also suitable for surfers, as exposure to strong winds offers fantastic waves to ride at any time of day.

Un sardo in giro

Visit the Agnata of Fabrizio De André

In 1975 Fabrizio De André and his wife Dori Ghezzi transformed a village into their very personal home, surrounded by several hectares of countryside, which they called Agnata. The latter became famous because it was here that the two spouses were kidnapped in 1979.

Later, the house was transformed first into a farmhouse and then into a boutique hotel complete with a restaurant. Today it is one of the most beautiful and welcoming places in all of Gallura, where you can sleep in the room and eat in the hall of the famous singer-songwriter.

L’Agnata di De Andrè

Take a trip to the market of San Pantaleo

The village of San Pantaleo is tiny but, despite this, it is always crowded and in full motion.

Over the years it has become the meeting point of artists and artisans that in summer, every Thursday, meet to give life to the most whimsical and known market of all Sardinia.

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