Gentile County: the Hobbit Village in Abruzzo

Fans of the genre Fantasy and, specifically, de The Lord of the Rings, will be pleased and excited to know that the Hobbit Village really exists and is located in Italy, precisely in Abruzzo!

A passion that materializes

A similar idea could only start from a passionate fan of the saga of JRR Tolkien who, for years, has been working on the creation of a sort of Italian-style Hobbit Count, faithfully inspired by fantasy novels and inhabited by the same characters. The fan in question is Nicolas Gentile (hence the name of Gentile County) who, in 2018, bought land near Bucchianico, a village with just 5 thousand inhabitants.

In Italia

Always a lover of costume events, of which he became a promoter and organizer, he decided to make his purchase a fertile ground (in all senses) to transform his passion into something concrete, real, to be shared with others. Recently, to inaugurate the project in style, has organized a real expedition (complete with “fellowship of the ring”) to throw a symbolic ring in Vesuvius after traveling 300 kilometers on foot from Abruzzo in Campania.

This mission has certainly not gone unnoticed, so much so that even CBS has talked about it arousing the attention of the most passionate. And once complete, Nicolas’s hobbit village will be a simply must-see attraction!

What to see inside the Gentile County

On the land of Abruzzo there is already a prototype of “home hobbit“, which was shown at the first event organized inside the village, that is “Happy Birthday Bilbo”. Given the success obtained, other similar houses will rise accompanied by paths, gardens, huts, animals and, last but not least, a large house of over 300 square meters inspired by that of Bilbo Baggins. The peculiarity of the structures lies in the construction material, totally eco-sustainable; they will all be basements and equipped with doors and round windows, as told by JRR Tolkien!

Buone notizie

In the village, then, it will be possible to stay for a few days, the time needed to learn to live following the typical hobbit habits. The days will be marked by the processing of the earth, thecare of the animals and long walks in the woods. You will live in a microcosm of magic and good food, the relationship with nature and cooperation with the group.

The ultimate goal, in short, is to create an ecosystem able to tempt itself: through the care of the gardens, the presence of wells and the division of tasks and roles within the community, It will be possible to make Middle-earth real without having to travel with the fantasy. And personal relationships are the basis of his success: only by making excellent relationships, working together, putting in place different experiences and professional skills can you live peacefully, in peace with each other, tasting what nature can offer.

Password: typical and genuine food

Another peculiarity of the hobbit village will be the food. There are no official recipes provided directly by the writer, so the kitchen will offer dishes freely inspired by the people of the north. In any case, we will stick to the “diet” of the elves, mainly vegan and characterized by simple products from the territory such as chestnuts, honey, almonds and nuts with which to make sheets, bread and really delicious cakes.


In addition, for those who do not know, hobbits love to make more breakfasts, so within the county it will be possible to have breakfast twice. And the food will also be transformed into real gadgets to bring as a souvenir of the stay: grass for pipe, jams and other products of the earth will be put on sale instead of T-shirts and key chains, to underline once again the love and attention to nature and the confirmation that an eco-sustainable world can finally see the light!

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