Senza Fondo, the first all you can eat of Roman cuisine

Senza Fondo, a different all you can eat

A few steps from Piazza Navona has opened for several months a restaurant quite unusual that offers a formula all you can eat: it is not the usual Japanese cuisine but typical dishes of the Roman tradition at really affordable prices! Let’s find out more about “Without Fund“, the first all you can eat that offers typical dishes of the Roman tradition.


Why choose all you can eat of Roman cuisine

The restaurant “Senza Fondo” was born thanks to Diana Russo and Luciano Rufino: the main objective was to bring the cuisine and typical recipes of grandmothers and aunts in a restaurant, with a completely innovative formula. In fact, in the menu of Senza Fondo you can find first courses, second courses, side dishes and even pizzas: some examples are the gricia, carbonara, amatriciana, pasta and beans, tripe alla romana, roman pizza, saltimbocca and many other typical specialties.

The price is one of the strengths of the local: it is provided in fact an all you can eat at lunch that costs 19.50 euros while after 18 the price is 25.50 euros and you can order several dishes without any limit. The managers have a modus operandi unique and inimitable: inside the Senza Fondo restaurant you can breathe a quiet and familiar air. It is possible to taste traditional dishes without much waiting and or inside, which consists of about 60 seats or in the tables outside, in an absolutely unique setting.

The restaurant Senza Fondo is located in Via del Teatro Pace 44 in Rome, a few meters from Piazza Navona: after lunch or dinner you can then walk through the beautiful streets of Rome and admire the beauty that the city offers. It is strongly recommended to book and it is a rule that applies to all restaurants all you can eat, that is that you can not take away the food that advances and that this is eventually counted separately.

Senza Fondo Roma: ristorante all you can eat di cucina romana, cosa dicono

How the idea of all you can eat Roman cuisine

The two owners, Diana Russo and Luciano Ruffino were already known at Rome since they had a restaurant started, the Navona Night. After about 10 years, however, they felt the need to change and renew, looking for new original ideas to make a difference.

The idea of all’all you can eat romano comes from the daughter of Diana Russo, who suggested to her mother to implement this innovation, certainly appreciated among the youngest and not only. Senza Fondo was created to combine the tradition of Roman cuisine, much appreciated and known throughout Italy, innovation and modernity of the formula all you can eat, without sacrificing quality and especially the convenience.

SENZA FONDO: la cucina romana che sfida la crisi con la formula "All You  Can Eat" - MangiaeBevi

The origins of the formula all you can eat

One thing not everyone knows is that the formula all you can was born in the sixteenth century in Sweden: in fact there was a party to welcome guests arriving, serving their finger food, vodka, potatoes or cereals. Later this idea was revived in America in Las Vegas, where legend has it that the formula was born all you can eat as we know it today. It is said that in 1946 Herb Mcdonald who worked at the casino, had a sudden attack of chemical hunger at midnight.

So he went into the kitchen and made himself a rich sandwich: the casino customers who saw the scene asked him if they could participate in that banquet. He then, thinking that a full meal would drive them away from gambling, prepared a buffet and from there was born all’you can eat 24 hours a day, at a derisory price or only a dollar.

Clearly the intention was not to earn money thanks to food but to attract customers and encourage them to stay and play even more. Then the formula spread all over the world, up to Italy with this version of all’you can eat revisited according to the classic Roman cuisine.

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