Sanremo, city of flowers and the Song Festival

The Italian Song Festival, the Tenco Prize, the Giraglia, the Milano-Sanremo, the Casino: everything happens in Sanremo. But Sanremo is first of all one of the most popular tourist resorts of the Riviera dei Fiori. Very famous is the Via Matteotti called “La Vasca“: it is the long pedestrian street that welcomes the Ariston Theatre, the main and most chic street of Sanremo, the one where international shopping is concentrated, of high level. A few steps away in Corso degli Inglesi are the Municipal Casino and the Russian Church, of the late nineteenth century.

Perché Sanremo è la città dei fiori? Ecco il motivo


Sanremo, because it is the city of Flowers

The name of City of Flowers is due to the famous cultivation of carnations, which raised the name of the city in the floral field, thanks to some enterprising producers, who were able to specialize in roses and ornamental green. Very famous is the Via Matteotti, called “The Tub”, the main and most chic street of the city that welcomes the Ariston Theatre and where international shopping is concentrated.

A few steps away, in Corso degli Inglesi, are the Municipal Casino and the Russian Orthodox Church of the late nineteenth century. The tourist life of Sanremo unfolds around the Pigna, the oldest nucleus, still alive and pulsating, a labyrinth of caruggi, small squares, passages covered with flowers, ancient arches and staircases. Special mention should also be made of the villas and gardens that the city houses: Villa Ormond, with its park full of exotic plants, Villa Nobel, where the scientist Alfred Nobel lived and which now houses the museum on his discoveries and inventions, and Villa Zirio, home of the Symphony Orchestra.

Sanremo in fiore, il carnevale più colorato della Liguria - Zani Viaggi


Sanremo, let’s find out what are the culinary peculiarities

The cuisine that is enjoyed in the restaurants of Sanremo is today strongly based on the richness of the catch. Every day fishermen supply the restaurants with the prized shrimp of Sanremo and the most appreciated fish of the Ligurian Sea, including sea bass, sea bream, hake, swordfish and tuna. Among the places where you can taste the sea cuisine, we recommend the Antica Trattoria La Pignese, one of the oldest in the city, the Osteria del Marinaio, a small casket in a central location or the Restaurant La vita è bella, a modern and elegant restaurant with two large rooms and a cozy terrace located in front of the Casino.In the delightful Piazza Cassini, at the foot of the Pigna, there is a small restaurant, Taverna on 29, which has made the rediscovery of ancient and authentic recipes its own specialty.

Do not miss it if you want to taste the typical dishes of the Ligurian tradition and take a journey of culture before flavors. The Equipe Gabry Restaurant is also worth a stop, very popular (also in prices), family atmosphere and generous portions.  For a quick, quick and Ligurian lunch, go to Via Roma, where Maggiorino is located. The tables are always few, but to eat sardenaire (pizza typical sanremese), farinate, focacce and brandacujun (focaccia alla stoccafisso), just enough a hole at the counter.

Ricetta brandacujun di Benedetta Rossi: scopri ingredienti e procedimento.


For an indigenous breakfast with sea view, head to Bar Sandy, just across the street from Sanremo Marina, where you will find fishermen with rough hands and scorched by the sun to get a coffee and the boys play table football next to old gentlemen who browse the newspapers looking at the sea. And if you are curious to taste the kisses of Sanremo, go for the historic and artisan Pasticceria Primavera, in Via Palazzo.

With over fifty hotels, Sanremo is the most popular tourist destination in the province of Imperia. Try to book at the Malibu, a small and cheap hotel located one kilometer from the train station and just 50 meters from the beach, housed on the second floor of a building in Art Nouveau style or at the Palais La Nasse, for a dip in an atmosphere of refined elegance and design, always in the heart of the city, a stone’s throw from the sea.

Sanremo: dalla musica alla gastronomia - So Wine So Food

Sanremo, not only flowers

For those who love to pedal overlooking the sea, the West Ligurian Cycle Path offers breathtaking scenery. An oasis suspended between the green and the blue, between maritime pines and beaches, skirting the sea for 24 km. It is walkable, by bicycle, roller skates and skateboarding.

It is suitable for families with children, with refreshment points and bike rental. Enjoyable all year round, it is also equipped with wi-fi. The Circolo Golf degli Ulivi is the oldest and most prestigious sports institution in the city, an 18-hole course among the most loved in Liguria.  Portosole is the tourist port of the city, with over 900 berths.

Circolo Golf Degli Ulivi-Sanremo | Green Pass Golf


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