Cristina D’Avena, always the star friend of children

Cristina D’Avena is a star of the Italian song, which remains in the hearts of all while being born as an idol of children singing numerous soundtracks of their favorite cartoons.

The 80s and 90s have seen literally explode the many fans of this small and nice woman, able to involve not only the kids, but also a large audience of adults who grew up on the funny notes of Kiss Me Licia and The Song of the Smurfs.

After all, Cristina showed her excellent singing skills when she was only 3 years old, when she distinguished herself among the many baby participants of the Zecchino D’Oro with her “Valzer del moscerino”.

Many consider her an icon of Italian music, which with skill and tenacity has managed to carve out an important space, playing numerous animated series’ songs. 

But let’s discover together how the great artist was born and how she still manages to win the hearts of young and old.

Cristina D'Avena, un appello per festeggiare 40 anni di carriera a Sanremo

Cristina D’Avena and her childhood as a little star

The D’Avena was born in Bologna in 1964 and at only 3 years old she participated in the tenth edition of the Zecchino D’Oro, obtaining the third place with the nice song called the “Valzer del moscerino”.

She joined the Piccolo Coro dell’Antoniano and remained there until the age of 12, although she continued to attend in later years to accompany her younger sister.

From now on, the child prodigy continues to make people talk about herself in the world of Italian song, obtaining a success that will remain rooted in the Italian popular culture.

In 1981 she recorded her first song by Pinocchio, the soundtrack of the cartoon and from that moment Cristina D’Avena began to devote herself to the themes of other series dedicated to children.

Cristina D'Avena, dallo Zecchino d'oro al fidanzato misterioso

Cristina D’Avena and her career from the world of cartoons to TV

The 80s marked the success of the young Bolognese singer, who with the Smurfs Song sold over half a million copies and won the Gold Disc.

She also participated in the famous program dedicated to children and conducted by Bonolis, “Bim Bum Bam”, and then won the Platinum Disc with the song Kiss Me Licia, a record purchased by over two hundred thousand people.

But Cristina also manages to stand out in the world of television series, playing the character of Licia and gaining more and more success from the audience of children.

È riuscita a rovinare anche le sigle dei cartoon: ve la meritate Cristina D' Avena -

The 90s saw the artist also become a TV presenter on Rete 4, with the show “Saturday at the Circus“, although she never abandons his passion for music, in fact she held several concerts in Italy that recorded sold out.

Many are the collaborations in television of Cristina with big names like Gerry Scotti and Gabriella Carlucci. 

But the star of the children does not stop there, in fact she also becomes the author of books for children where she narrates the fairy tales of Fata Cri.

Surely many will remember the legendary song of the great Michael Jackson entitled Childhood, which D’Avena returns in a cover of her own.

The whole world of the singer revolves around the audience of the young, but despite this, she manages to involve also a large number of adults who soon become her avid fans.

Cristina D’Avena and her life dedicated to music

Cristina D’Avena’s life has been and still is full of work commitments that are giving her many satisfactions, even if to dedicate herself to the world of music and entertainment she had to sacrifice her private.

She has always had a partner who keeps away from the spotlight, even if the regret of the queen of children is that of not having children to give space to her career.

But one thing is certain, the audience loves her and follows her with esteem and warmth because with her unmistakable voice she manages to revive the most beautiful and carefree memories of childhood.

Cover Image: Giornale di Sicilia

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