Riviera dei Cedri: discovering the most beautiful Calabria

Precisely in Calabria, a splendid region of southern Italy, there is one of the most beautiful and fascinating coastal stretches of the whole area, Riviera dei Cedri. With its magnificent kilometer-long beaches divided by high cliffs plunging sheer down onto the crystalline sea, it offers tourists a unique experience.

It extends for about 80 kilometers and comprehends part of the territory of the province of Cosenza overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea, starting from Tortora and reaching Paola.

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In addition to the splendid sea, the Calabrian Riviera also includes several mountainous areas, where we find the famous Pollino National Park. Its name derives from the cultivation of cedar, which finds its natural habitat in this area.

Riviera dei Cedri and its most suggestive places

Among the most beautiful municipalities that meet on this stretch of coast and where it is worth stopping even for just a few days, there are:

  • Diamante: one of the most evocative villages of the Riviera dei Cedri, where the walking path directly overlooking the sea gives a unique view to anyone who travels. Here you find yourself swimming in crystal clear waters and where there is also the island of Cirella, shaped like a whale and wild flora, whose depths are of incredible beauty. The town is also known for its murals and for the Italian Academy of chili.
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  • Scalea : one of the most popular seaside resorts in Calabria is Scalea, where the old town dominates from above the most modern part with its wide beaches. This is also one of the places where there are more beaches and clubs that allow you to spend the summer evenings full of fun and good Calabrian food.
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  • San Nicola Arcella: here is a corner of paradise where you can live an unforgettable holiday, San Nicola Arcella. The village is dominated on one side by the ancient Saracen Tower and on the other by the Great Arch, a natural arch between sea and land really beautiful. The position in which it is located, ie, at the foot of a cliff of 110 meters, gives it the shape of a natural port and is the perfect place to enjoy the sun and sea in complete relaxation.
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  • Praia a Mare: is a purely seaside resort for the presence of numerous establishments and the many outdoor clubs, which every year welcome tourists eager to enjoy the beautiful sea without sacrificing fun. This town also has a very significant historical heritage, in fact, in its historic center there are some monuments that are worth a visit. The Church of the Sacred Heart and that of Saint Paul the Apostle are among these. In the surroundings of the village there are many other natural beauties not to be missed, such as the Grotta delle Sardine, the Isola di Dino and certainly also the visit of the Pollino National Park.
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  • Paola: very suggestive is also Paola, the last village of the Riviera dei Cedri, which besides giving a wonderful sea, is a very important religious destination for its famous monastic complex of the Sanctuary of San Francesco di Paola, where the remains of the Saint are kept.
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Riviera of cedars: the Calabrian citrus and its benefits

The beautiful Calabrian riviera owes its name to the cedar, widely cultivated in the valleys that give a unique show with their cedars.

It has very ancient origins, so much so as to be defined in the Bible the fruit of the most beautiful tree, that in this area it finds the ideal climate to mature. There are many uses of this citrus in the kitchen, but it is important to know that it brings many health benefits.

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The cedar in Italian cuisine

The cedar is used to prepare many recipes, starting from the sweet ones like the almond cake and cedar and the gelato. But it is also great for the preparation of fresh and tasty dishes, given its taste and scent.

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Thesalad with cedar is one of these, to be prepared with fresh cedar, mozzarella and walnuts, all seasoned with extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper. But the Calabrian citrus perfectly matches also with fish, in fact, it is an excellent condiment for carpacci.

Also try the cedar risotto for which you need:

  • the peel of a cedar-
  • half a glass of cedar juice-
  • butter-
  • stracchino-
  • broth
  • onion, salt and pepper-
  • rice

At will you can also add fish.

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Other uses of cedar

Especially in the countries of the Riviera dei Cedars, the fruit from which the name comes lends itself perfectly to the preparation of an excellent liqueur to taste cold. But it is also used to create real perfumed fragrances, both for the person and for the home (stick diffusers, vials, etc.).

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All the benefits of cedar

There are many benefits that this intense yellow citrus brings to the human body and that is worth including in your diet. First of all, cedar has digestive, disinfectant, germicidal, stimulant and laxative properties. In addition, it helps to combat the formation of gas in the abdomen and is a natural remedy against hypertension, as well as providing an excellent help in case of cellulite, cystitis or kidney disorders. Very effective also to stimulate hair growth.

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