3 recipes for the best summer flavored waters to challenge the Italian heat

Summer flavored waters are a blessing in extreme heat because they help to keep water and mineral salts intake up despite the sweat, whilst absorbing some vegetable vitamins!

As it is widely known, in the period that goes from June to August it is always advised to drink a lot of water and eat a lot of fruit and vegetables. This happens because the increasing temperatures determine a higher loss of bodily fluids as opposed to any other time of the year, making us feel very tired and debilitated. As a result, the custom to add in our daily diet foods rich in water and energizing drinks helps to maintain the hydro-saline balancing.

What are these summer flavored waters?

Summer water flavored waters are thirst quenching and refreshing that thanks to their nice taste and smell make it easier to drink more during the day, especially for those who struggle to reach their daily 2 liters water intake. They are primarily made of water, fruit, vegetables and spices left in infusion for a few hours, allowing the release of active substances, aroma and sugars naturally present in the ingredients used. 

An increase in hydration is not the only benefit, because these drinks allow the consumption of vitamins, mineral salts and anti-oxidants, facilitating the elimination of toxins and the neutralization of free radicals.

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Furthermore, because the preparation is mainly water based, the energy supply is almost irrelevant and it is mainly provided by simple sugars which come from fruit. They are ideal for any kind of dietary regimen and perfect for adults and children at any time of the day, both when on empty stomach and during meals as a replacement to water.

The importance of choosing fruit and vegetables of Italian origin from local farmers

Italian vegetables always ensure 100% safety and quality. By purchasing local products, you are sure to bring a more nutritious agri-food variety to your tables. For example, vitamins found in local fruits and vegetables are better preserved than imported ones. It is not only the nutritional value of food that favors the purchase preference of Italian products, but also environmental factors, since the less the food has to travel to reach the point of sale, the more polluting emissions are reduced.

In addition, local Made in Italy products contribute to the conservation of biodiversity. In fact, many Italian entrepreneurs through their work pay attention to the alteration of the ecosystem, helping to protect it by avoiding monoculture models.

Method of preparation

Creating your own summer flavored water is as easy as a, b, c! The first step consists in the carefully washing all the ingredients with water, possibly adding some baking soda. Then it is time to cut the fruit and vegetables in small pieces so as to facilitate the infusion. Once this step is over, the pieces are then put into a glass jug or in glass and cover them with water up to the rim. Finally, the mix is left brewing for a few hours before being consumed.

Now let us see 3 examples of summer flavored waters!

Diuretic and digestive flavored water


  • Cucumber
  • Ginger
  • Lemon
  • Grapes
  • Basil

The combination of cucumber, ginger and lemon help diuresis and flatten the abdomen thanks to water and fibers. Grapes gives it a sweet taste and helps with the anti-oxidant role of the other ingredients. Meanwhile, basil in addition to giving water both aroma and taste, plays a major role in the nutrition value thanks to a high content of vitamin C, K and manganese.  

But that is not all, because this kind of taste is particularly ideal for meat and fish thanks to lemon which increases the absorption of iron and reduces hypercholesterolemia

Anti-oxidant flavored water, keeping your tan longer



  • Peaches
  • Purple carrots
  • Cantaloupe melon
  • Pineapple sage

Among all the summer flavored waters, this mix is all about beta-carotene and carotenoids which help to stimulate melanin production making your tan last longer whilst protecting your skin from free radicals. The pineapple sage gives this drink a tropical taste and makes it one of the most loved flavored waters, to drink at the beach or poolside! 

Regenerating and energizing flavored water



  • Watermelon
  • Sorrento lemons
  • Celery
  • Mint

Watermelon and lemon combined together are a true anti-oxidants power, helping us feel immediately better and more energized. This effect is also further supported by mint, which is notoriously known as the refreshing herb!

A few practical tips to make your own summer flavored water! 

  1. In this type of recipes, there is no need to precise with quantities, but as a rule of thumb all it takes is 250g of fruit for every liter of water.   
  2. To make your summer flavored waters even more thirst quenching, add some ice
  3. You can mix any ingredient togwether, but to make sure that you have a balanced taste is better to stick to 4 or 5.
  4. You can keep the water in the fridge for up to 3 days, but I suggest you eat the fruit and herbs earlier than that. 
  5. Should you choose to add some vegetables with the skin, these should not be treated with chemical pesticides and must be organic.

What are you waiting for? Use your creativity to create your own signature drink and remember to use only the best Made in Italy products for the tastiest result!

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