Pantelleria: the pearl of the Mediterranean

In Italy in addition to the two main islands there are many other small islands a must visit. One of the most particular is Pantelleria the largest of the smaller islands of Sicily. Here you can find out where this island is and also know what to do and see in this tourist resort. In particular, you will discover the most beautiful beaches of the island of Pantelleria. You will also know where you can stay during your holiday in this Sicilian island. Finally you will discover the recipes and typical dishes of this territory.

Where is Pantelleria?

L‘isola di Pantelleria is located in the Mediterranean Sea , halfway between the coast of Sicily and that of Tunisia. It has an area of 80 square kilometers and is characterized by wild nature, crystal clear sea and beautiful landscapes. Its particular conformation is due to the fact that it is an island of volcanic origin.

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To reach Pantelleria you can use the ferry or hydrofoil from Trapani. The travel time is 6 and 3 hours respectively. Alternatively you can arrive on the island by plane from the main Italian airports.

The beaches of Pantelleria

Pantelleria has 50 kilometers of coastline but unlike what you can expect it doesn’t even have a traditional beach. In fact, here it is about descents to the sea or natural coves that can be reached by boat or alternatively through rugged paths in the rock. A must to visit is the one called the pond of the Ondine.

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This is a cluster of rocks close to the open sea that creates a natural pool. In order to discover the beauty of Pantelleria , the suggestion is to participate in an organized boat tour. This way you will have the opportunity to discover wonderful places. In addition, the deep depths rich in flora are ideal for those who love snorkling.

Pantelleria: what to do and see

The island is not only sea in fact has a timeless charm to discover as its many attractions. Without doubt the most famous and photographed is that of the Arch of the elephant. It is a lava rock that has a shape similar to an elephant. Since it is an island of volcanic origin, the most particular attractions are linked to this phenomenon.

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In fact, along the coast there are caves with hot water tanks. These are real natural spas. Another distinctive feature of Pantelleria is represented by its particular constructions, the dammusi. These are the traditional houses of Pantelleria and have walls made of lava stone and a characteristic domed roof.

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Undoubtedly worth a visit the main town of the island located in the northern part, the city of Pantelleria. But that’s not all, in fact Pantelleria is also the ideal place for lovers of trekking as the island is crossed by many paths both inland and on the coast. The highest point of Pantelleria is Montagna grande that reaches a height of 863 meters.

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Where to sleep and what to eat in Pantelleria?

If you are looking for a property to stay in Pantelleria , you should know that hotels are few and mainly high-end. Instead there are numerous houses vacations and apartments for rent. The advice is to rent one of the traditional dammusi panteschi. As for food and wine Pantelleria is famous worldwide for its passito.

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It is a wine that is obtained from the zibibbo, a white grape variety. Another known and appreciated product of the island is the caper. Among the traditional dishes there is the fish cous cous. Instead as for desserts are to mention the kisses stuffed with chocolate and ricotta.

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