Ostia: a dip in the sea of the Eternal City

There is no sea in Rome, yet it is enough to travel a few kilometers to find yourself in Ostia one of the most popular seaside resorts of the Romans, who as soon as they can flock to this small oasis to get away from the chaos of the city.

A fraction of the capital that hosts one of the most famous beaches of the Roman coast, whose main feature is the dark color of the sand, as well as numerous equipped bathing establishments ready to “spoil” vacationers.

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This year, more than ever, the desire to have fun is really great, after two years of closures and privations, which is why the historic town of Lazio has already opened its doors to the thousands of tourists who will soon crowd every corner of Italy.

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Lido di Ostia, however, is not only sea but also the possibility of experiencing real adventures in the midst of nature, discovering the ancient history of the place and indulging in many water and land sports.

The history of Ostia told through monuments, buildings and archaeological sites

Built around the fourth century BC, Ostia boasts a very ancient history perceptible through numerous buildings, monuments and remains dating back to the Roman era enclosed in one of the largest archaeological areas in the world.

Today, in fact, in the Archaeological Park it is possible to admire what remains of the ancient city, even if we continue with the excavations to bring to light other finds of the city that reconstruct its history.

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The emotion in visiting it is such as to seem to be transported to that time now so distant and to relive it through the story of tourist guides who describe every single element. But there are other attractions not to be missed, including the village of Ostia Antica and the Castle of Julius II.

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The centre and its attractions

The best way to discover the seaside resort just a few steps from Rome, is to travel on foot or by bike, through the delightful historic center and reaching the seafront and the romantic pier, which juts out into the sea for about 150 meters. Also worth seeing are the fishermen’s hamlet and the pine forest of Castel Fusano, the ideal place to relax while enjoying the coolness of the vegetation and venture into nature excursions.

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In the surroundings it is possible to visit other wonderful towns, including Fregene and Fiumicino. Not far from the centree, moreover, there are some of the most beautiful lakes in Italy, among which the Lago di Nemi, Bolsena, Albano and Bracciano stand out.

Ostia and its famous dark sand beaches

The real gem of the coast of Ostia are its beaches made up of dark sand, from which to admire the spectacular sunset of the sun that slowly drowns in the blue waters of the sea. The main one can be considered the city beach par excellence where you can find all kinds of services, including bars and refreshment points and the possibility of renting bikes to explore the surroundings.

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There are many super-equipped bathing establishments ready to entertain both adults and children, giving them the opportunity to try their hand at different sports such as beach volleyball, sailing and kitesurfing. Of course, there is no shortage of free beaches for those who want to treat themselves to a do-it-yourself or, in any case, less expensive holiday. Further north is the popular Capocotta beach, a real naturist oasis.

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Accomodation in Ostia for all tastes

In the delightful marine district of Rome, the possibilities of staying are so many and able to satisfy tastes and needs. It starts from luxury hotels equipped with every kind of comfort, to continue with three-star hotels and guesthouses.

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There is no shortage of bed & breakfasts, given the great demand from tourists who stop here not only to enjoy the sea, but to visit the Eternal City without spending a lot.

Roman flavors by the sea

What better occasion to taste typical Roman dishes than during a relaxing holiday in Ostia? Here you are really spoiled for choice on the dishes to be tasted, starting with the always rigorously fresh fish such as cod, anchovies and cockles.

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And for the more traditional palates, don’t miss the Abbacchio a scottadito (lamb meat), the Coratella with artichokes and the famous saltimbocca alla romana, all prepared according to the recipes of the past.

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