Natur Bar, the healthy food excellence in Rome

Francesco Minervini is a young entrepreneur. Roman only by adoption, he moved from the province of Bari fifteen years ago, taking his first steps in real estate. And as often happens to those who do not create their business in the place they were born, he had to up his game, and play particular attention to the changes of society.

“In these 15 years of work”, he tells us, “I have witnessed the continuous changes affecting the social fabric, the economy, politics, and I must say that today it is more difficult than any time before to do business in our country. But I am also convinced that if you are constant and determined in going for your goal, you can still make it, also today. “

And in fact Francesco has just set himself a new goal, and has successfully entered the food and beverage sector, obviously with an innovative perspective. It’s a seductive sector, but also difficult and competitive. His ‘Natur Bar’ stands out for being among the first in Rome with a basic concept of healthy and natural food, as well as organic. And with a range of offers that really caters for all tastes and needs. The important thing is to eat to the rhythm of nature and its seasons not only to rediscover ancient flavors that are part of our traditions, but above all because it is the basis of healthy and sustainable 0 Km eating.

Francesco’s goal is that his Natur Bar be the first of a successful brand. In the pipeline there is the opening of a second Natur Bar in the city center. We of Italian traditions will certainly be among the first customers.

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