Museo della Zecca di Stato Italia di Roma, the most incredible collection of coins

Here’s what you can see in Rome at the Museo della Zecca italiana

Rome is a city where you can relive the past and history through the monuments and museums. One of the most interesting is the Museo della Zecca di Stato Italia where you can admire the most important collection of coins, medals and minting objects.

Here you can find out where it is and you can also know some interesting information about the city of Rome. But that’s not all, in fact you will also discover what you can see at the Zecca di Stato and you will also know the history of this Roman museum.

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Where is the Zecca di Stato Italia located in Rome?

Rome is the capital of Italy and is located in Lazio in the center of the peninsula. It is the most populous Italian town and the third in Europe.

According to tradition, the city was founded on 21 April by Romulus and was the beating heart of one of the most important ancient civilizations in history that has influenced in a decisive way many areas of the following centuries such as society, language, culture and art.

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But that’s not all, Rome is also the heart of Catholic Christianity and is the only city in the world that hosts a state, the Vatican City. The Mint Museum was initially located in the Royal Mint Palace and then at the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

Today, however, it is located within the industrial complex that also houses the Officina Carte Valori e Produzioni Tradizionali located in via Salaria 712.

What to see

The Museo della Zecca di Stato Italia in Rome is spread over two floors of the building. In the underground floor there is the exhibition of the Royal Mint while on the ground floor there are 5 different sections that make up this incredible collection.

The exhibition starts from the metal memories to go to the Neoclassical transparencies, to the Galleria della Lira, to the section entitled the twentieth century in medals and finally the last that is called the mint but not only. Finally, do not forget the fascinating industrial machines that still work today and are exhibited in the museum Zecca dello Stato Italia.

Le monete da collezione 2021 della Zecca: la Lira in oro
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The history 

The origin of the Zecca di Stato museum in Rome can be traced back to the Papal Mint of the capital at the end of 700. Its official establishment in the Kingdom of Italy took place in 1958 and was born in 1824 as a Pontifical Cabinet and then in 1870 it was acquired by the Government of the Kingdom of Italy.

In 1978 the collection was transferred to the patrimony of the Istituto Poligrafico e Zecca dello Stato.

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The exhibition 

The collection of the Italian State Mint consists of over 20000 works. These are coins, medals, minting objects and wax objects. As for coins, you should know that here is a very rich collection of issues of both Italian and foreign states from the Middle Ages to the present day. The medals are a collection produced by the most important artists of all time. But that’s not all, here in fact you can also see models in wax, punches and industrial machines of the period.

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Among these is the papal scale of Clement XII. Finally, the wax models made by Benedetto Pistrucci are also on display at the Zecca di Stato Italia Museum. The famous Roman engraver was the creator of the model of the gold pound with St George and the dragon.

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