Italy world leader in half of the products of the mechanical sector

Not only fashion and food. Italy is the world leader in half of the products of the mechanical sector: 62 out of 496 products in world trade are made in Italy. Let’s find out more!

Italy is a country with a thousand resources that has proved equal to other industrialized countries taken into account in world trade (e.g. China, Korea, United States, Japan and Germany).

Italian production has always been closely linked to the manufacturing sector and the food sector. However, Italy is not only fashion and food.

In recent years, Italy has made a lot of progress also in the mechanical sector, reaching the role of world trade leader. Just think that 62 products out of 496 are expressions of Made in Italy.


Italian leadership worldwide

Italy has been able to win a place of honor among the leaders of mechanical production, demonstrating the ability to compete worldwide using a wealth of knowledge and exceptional skills.

In a world managed by globalization, therefore, the inclination to Italian exports has found a valid ally in the mechanical sector.

Every year, Italy exports billions and billions of dollars in goods, including mechanical products in recent years.

If we think that Italy has exported about 20% of mechanical products of the total export then it becomes easier to understand the importance of this primacy both nationally and worldwide.

Which countries exploit made in Italy mechanics? There are many foreign markets in which Italian mechanical products dominate: including France, England, the United States, Brazil, Turkey, Russia, Poland and China.


What are the mechanical products exported from Italy?

According to the Fortis-Corradini Index of the Edison Foundation, 62 products out of 496 in the world mechanical industry are part of the production made in Italy. Which mechanical products does Italy export?

Among the most exported Italian mechanical products abroad there are the vending machines (tobacco, beverages and food), packaging machines and metallurgical machinery.

To these are also added machines for niche fields, such as machines for the production of footwear and leather processing.


Made in Italy mechanics: the key to success

The key to the success of the export of Made in Italy mechanics in the world is contained in the mix of skills, innovation and internationalization.

On the skills side, the Italian mechanical industry has gained autonomy from foreign countries since the post-war period, maintaining the importance of the human component in many production processes and managing to win a place of the first order in the economy of the country.

From the point of view of innovation, however, the mechanical industry has been able to take care of the product in every detail embracing the wind of innovation in terms of energy consumption and reorganization of production processes.


With regard to internationalization, thanks to the organization of small and large companies, the country manages to present the quality of mechanical production internationally and compete with competitors in the industry.

The Italian leadership in the export of mechanical products could remain unchanged or even strengthen if the Government intervened with investments in training, support to product research and development and training of specific entities engaged in market analysis and identification of promising ones.

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