All Saints’ Day: what to do in Italy

Halloween is coming and the good news is that the bridge of All Saints is approaching, one of the few that 2022 grants us.

Thanks also to the good weather that persists in many regions of Italy, the bridge between the end of October and the beginning of November will allow many to live a pleasant autumn weekend with mild temperatures.

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All Saints Bridge: where to go in Italy

For those who work from Monday to Friday, the All Saints’ Day will represent a pleasant break of four days: why not take advantage of it to visit one of the most beautiful Italian cities?

A trip to the city of the Sun between culture and good food

“See Naples and then die”: these are the words with which Goethe pays homage to the city of the sun, celebrating its beauty, its warmth and its people.

A weekend in Naples, especially with current temperatures, will allow you to savor a little more of the summer.

Routes to visit Naples are really many but if you want to do it independently and without joining a tour, what you will certainly not miss will be a walk in the historic center and in the Spanish neighborhoods, where you can breathe the true essence of the city.

Not to be missed is a metro ride to admire the wonderful stop of Toledo, designed by the Spanish architect Óscar Tusquets, defined , the most beautiful metro stop in Europe. Here you can see the remains of the Aragonese walls, cleverly integrated into the project, and the amazing mosaics by William Kentridge.

And, of course, the one in Naples will also be a weekend of good food, thanks to the local culinary specialties. In short, spending here the All Saints’ Day bridge will surely be a rewarding 360% experience.


A trip to Tuscany through villages, cities of art and special events

The bridge of All Saints can be an opportunity to visit Tuscany: from the sea to the mountains, from historic villages to art cities like Florence; also is ideal for lovers of terme.  

If you have never been in the wonderful strong>Florence, in just one day you can admire some of its greatest beauties: the Church of Santa Maria Novella, very close to the railway station of the same name; the district of San Lorenzo, where you can delve into the central market and buy local crafts; the majestic Renaissance complex of Piazza Duomo that will leave you speechless and will allow you to take dreamy photos.

Finally, to admire Florence from above and enjoy a breathtaking view, you can choose between the Dome of Brunelleschi del Duomo or Giotto’s Bell Tower. Climbing is not easy but, we assure you, it is really worth it!

Also in Tuscany, during the All Saints Bridge, fans of comics, animation and video games can participate in the Lucca Comics & Games, event during which the city is transformed and leaves room for the world of fantasy.  In its field, Lucca is the largest event in Italy and throughout Europe and is the second in the world after the Comiket in Tokyo.


A weekend to visit the eternal city

Rome, the Italian capital, city that preserves art and history. The eternal city. To see Rome is certainly not enough a weekend (it is rare that someone can claim to have known every corner!) but, during the bridge of All Saints and with a well organized itinerary, you can appreciate some of the most famous beauties.

If you have never been to Rome, what we suggest is a classic itinerary: we start from Castel Sant’Angelo, a dream place for all lovers of photography; we continue with Piazza Navona, one of the most beautiful of the city also for its particular elongated shape that makes it unique in its kind (originally it was a stadium); and again, the Pantheon, the temple dedicated to the gods of the past, present and future. A curiosity about it: its dome is, even today, the largest in the world to have been built in non reinforced concrete.

The itinerary continues with other places, symbols of the city of Rome: Piazza di Spagna, from where you can also admire the Spanish Steps; Trevi Fountain, famous all over the world for its beauty and, finally, the Colosseum and the Altar of the Fatherland.

Although with a good organization it is possible to make this itinerary independently, there are also organized tours that will make it easier, especially if you have only one day.

What about eating? The typical Roman cuisine is mouth-watering but be careful: it is not difficult to come across restaurants that promise typical recipes but have the only interest in earning. In order not to fall into the “trap” of restaurants as tourists, first collect some information, maybe asking those who already know the city and be suggested places where you can taste the real Roman cuisine.


Absolute relaxation in Basilicata

In addition to the most famous destinations, there are other highly recommended for those looking for pure relaxation. If you have the desire to pull the plug for a couple of days and get away from the daily frenzy, Craco is the ideal place for you.

A ghost town in Basilicata that has hosted many film sets and that attracts, every year, the curiosity of tourists who want to discover the secrets. In short, if you dream of spending a bridge of All Saints in the name of rest and relaxation, this is your opportunity!


Organizing the All Saints Bridge in Italy

Italy offers a multitude of cities of art and history, activities to do and villages where you can enjoy the passage of time: that’s why, if we had to continue the list of cities where it would be nice to spend the bridge, we would never end.

In the Bel Paese there is something for all tastes: spas, sports facilities, areas for trekking or climbing; and, again, art cities, villages that overflow with history and large metropolitan cities. Now the choice is only for you. And good All Saints Bridge!

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