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The fact that Italy has one of the richest and diverse culinary traditions in the world, is quite well known, but usually precisely for this reason, foreigners visiting the Belpaese tend to seek out the most typical and internationally known dishes (perhaps stereotyped), which certainly deserve their fame but at the same time threaten to overshadow other areas that are as deserving of excellence. One of these overshadowed excellences is undoubtedly chocolate, a type of food that although certainly not placed among the typical specialties of the Belpaese, can however boasts a remarkable history in the boot-shaped penninsula (think of the ancient recipe of Modica chocolate). Over the centuries many companies have stood out in quality and sophistication in the Italian and international scene.

We at Italian Traditions want to emphasize these distunguished chocolate companies. Today we present you some of the best chocolate companies in Italy, true gems Made in Italy; heirs and custodians of the best confectionery traditions.

ARLOTTI E SARTONI: It was in the ’80s when Daniele Arlotti took over what was then called Praly, specializing in chocolate truffles and Easter eggs that were decorated by hand. Already in the early 90’s the well-known gourmet and wine expert Luigi Veronelli declared the Praly chocolates as the best in Italy , but the birth of the company under the new name came only in 1995, with the arrival of shareholder Giuseppe Sartoni . Since then, the tradition of the wonderful chocolate creations became the feather in the cap of the company, which meanwhile rebrands itself on the market obtaining the certification for the production of organic chocolate, and reiterating a marked vocation for authenticity and quality. First in Italy and perhaps in the world to combine chocolate with other types of cereals apart from rice, it has a vast catalog of unique delights which are among the best in the whole peninsula. (Via Gherghenzano 12, S. Giorgio di Piano (Bo), tel. 0516636090).

IL CIOCCOLATO DI BRUCO: Husband and wife, lifelong partners Bruna and Constantine have always lived in Genga, a small village in the Marche region, where while  traveling for work they got into the habit of sipping a chocolate drink flavored with anise before going out, getting just the right amount of an energetic and strong boost . In short, word got out throughout the district of this wonderful preparation with beneficial effects on the body and mood. Following in the tradition of this homemade drink, this original recipe was born in 2001. It is a trademark of Caterpillar Chocolate, whose name is none other that an acronym of the two founders (Bruna and Constantine). Since then, the production, in perfect balance between tradition and innovation, is curated by knowledgable and experienced chocolatiers and continues to be strictly traditional, as delicious as carefully controlled and prepared. (Via don Battistoni 11, Jesi (An), tel. 0731215649).

SABADÌ: The original name of this company indicates a nonexistent day (a play on words between Friday and Saturday), metaphorically a moment to relax and enjoy the luxury of appreciate the small pleasures of life. The choice of name is in fact right on the ball. In fact the Sabadi tablets are original and fun. From the colorful and creative packaging, which immediately gives the feeling of of a special product . The company produces candy, nougat, hot chocolate and especially the legendary Modica chocolate, prepared according to the ancient Aztec recipe, and winner of the Golden Tablet prestigious Chocolate Oscars 2016. A fresh and innovative company that’s able to look at this ancient seed in a completely new and different perspective.  (Corso S. Giorgio 105, Modica (RG), tel. 09321912327).

MAJANI: Established in Bologna in 1796, next to the beautiful Basilica of San Petronio, the “Laboratory of sweet things” by Teresa Majani, is a small confectionery workshop with an adjoining shop that was destined for a great future. In 1832, Majani invented Scorza, the first chocolate in solid form, unique for its crispness and quality. From this moment, Majani was recognized as one of the most qualified companies in the industry in Europe. It soon began to win awards that proved just this: four time winner at the World Exposition (twice in Paris, Vienna and Milan). It became the the official supplier of the Royal house of Savoy in1878,  and in 1908 built the beautiful art nouveau building in the center of Bologna which still bears its name. Since then, the road has been full of success. In 2011 it received the “Palme d’Or” at the sophisticated Salon du Chocolat. In the same year it was listed among the “companies that have made part of the history of Italy”, and honor of a secular path where quality and innovation have always been the core values. (Via Brodolini 16, Crespellano (Bo), tel. 051969157).

DOMORI: Founded in 1997, Domori was born from the creative mind and passion for gastronomy of Gianluca Franzoni, who in 1993 after having completed his studies, he arrived in Venezuela where he was fascinated by the magic of cocoa. He in nature aurrounded by the ground for three years, experiencing the many varieties of the plant, in order to preserve biodiversity and prevent the extinction of Criollo cocoa, the rarest fine and absolutely most pure cocoa. It is exctly on this variety that the founder decided to invest in. He continues to treat these precious and delicate plants, whose seeds are processed with procedures aimed at protecting the natural aroma, while creating a aromatic chocolate flavor that’s well-rounded, persistent, and no doubt among the most refined in the world in terms of quality. (Via Pinerolo 72, None (To), tel. 0119863465).


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