Pralines, bars, spreads. Here are the best Italian chocolates

Chocolates has always been a very popular food, appreciated by Italians: it can be found in different forms, from the simple bar to hot chocolate to spreads and it is a versatile and tasty ingredient.

There are some very well-known companies, a reference point for all the cocoa lovers, which produce the best Italian chocolate. Let’s find out together who they are!


Before discovering which are the best Italian chocolate it is good to know the origins of the cocoa plant: it was discovered more than 3000 years ago by the Olmenchi, a population native to Mexico and then also  used by the Maya and Atzechi

These people were already preparing a drink called “xocolatl” made of cocoa seeds, water, vanilla, cinnamon and other spices that was used during sacred ceremonies or during the richest family’s holidays. 

Initially the cocoa was considered so important to be used also as a commodity of exchange among these peoples: the name of the plant was initially in fact Amygdalae pecuniariae or “money almond” but later it was modified by Linnaeus in Theobroma cocoa “food of the gods” for its aphrodisiac properties.

Cocoa has in fact several beneficial properties, including for example as antioxidant, regularizing mood, promotes cardio-vascular well-being and is also useful for regulating basal metabolism

Le origini del cioccolato: le civiltà precolombiane


After discovering the origins and history of the cocoa plant, you will like to know that the country has the best producers of some of the best Italian chocolate. There are several companies that manage to perfectly combine quality, convenience and originality: chocolate in fact can be found mixed with different flavours and in different forms! So here is some of the best Italian chocolate!

Le 5 migliori marche di cioccolata


Domori is a company founded in Piedmont in 1997 by Gianluca Franzoni, which soon became one of the 25 best chocolate producers in the world. The characteristic that distinguishes it is the use of a very high-quality cocoa but not only: is also known to have been the first to use Criollo and Trinitario cocoa, or fine cocoa. Finally, it should be noted that the company scrupulously controls the production chains, using methods with a reduced environmental impact such as roasting at low temperatures. 

One of the flagship products is the 100% bar: formed entirely from a very persistent mass of cocoa, it is excellent combined with a nice glass of wine, preferably a Barolo chinato. It should also be noted the use of milk not only of cow but also of sheep, goat and even cinnamon and the use of cane sugar.

illy Shop Padova - Via Emanuele Filiberto di Savoia 33


Among the best Italian chocolates cannot be forgotten Venchi: known for the production of chocolate halfway between the artisan and industrial, was founded in Piedmont in 1878 by Silvano Venchi. Initially it was a small local reality that in a short time managed to become one of the reference points for Italian chocolate: currently more than 350 different types of chocolate are produced that are exported worldwide

One of the strengths of Venchi is the Nougatine, a bon bon with exclusively chopped Piedmontese hazelnuts, caramelized and covered with excellent extra-dark chocolate, one of the specialties that made the company famous at the beginning of 1900 and that is still one of the flagship products.

Venchi Cuor di Cacao - Tavoletta di Cioccolato Fondente 75% - Piccantino  Shop Online Svizzera


Another company that boasts the production of the best Italian chocolates is Novi: every year 80 million bars and 200 million high quality chocolates are produced in three different factories.

Novi was founded in 1903 in Novi Ligure as a cooperative that produced chocolate jams and similar, then also candy and confetti, and then concentrate solely and exclusively on chocolate produced from Ecuador’s cocoa beans and exclusively Italian hazelnuts.

Cioccolato al latte finissimo con mandorle intere di Sicilia - Novi - 100 g


How not to mention Perugina among the best Italian chocolates: famous especially for the Baci, is one of the most important Umbrian companies for the production of chocolate. Founded in 1907, it was initially a workshop specialized in the production of confetti: one of the things that few people know is that one of the shareholder of the company was Luisa Spagnoli. 

The famous businesswoman in fact invented the Baci Perugina, initially called “Punch” because it remembered the form of a closed fist. Later, thanks to the CEO Giovanni Buitoni, they were called “Baci” and the shape was modified in order to remember, according to some, the shape of a small breast. Perugina is known for its creations, innovation and versatility.

Now that you know which are the four best Italian chocolates, organize your relaxing evening maybe in good company, in front of a nice hot chocolate!

Baci Perugina, i mitici cioccolatini alla nocciola -

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