Five good reasons to visit the Aosta Valley

Visiting Italy is a pleasant experience in any season of the year. So if you want to take advantage of some winter vacation days and you’re wondering what to do in Italy during this period, why not visit the Aosta Valley?

Although small, the Aosta Valley region has a lot to offer. These are uncontaminated places with a  magical atmosphere, where it is easy to indulge in absolute relaxation. And this is precisely the reason why more and more people decide to spend their holidays in this region, rich in history, culture and breathtaking landscapes.

Why you should travel to the Aosta Valley region

Do you want a good reason to visit  Aosta Valley? Keep reading and you’ll find five of them.

  1. The Gran Paradiso

It is one of the most important parks of the entire nation and the ol dest ever, it was recognized in 1922. The Gran Paradiso has an area of ​​over 71 thousand hectares and a peek altitude of over 4,000 meters.

This allows you to admire different types of flora, but especially the fauna for which it is particularly known. We remember, in fact, that the symbol par excellence of the park is the ibex, the king of this land.

  1. The Fort Bard

Just at the entrance of the valley is the Fort Bard, a strategic position for an ancient rampart that was used to defend the entire region. In addition to the architectural structure that is worth observing, in summer it is home to concerts and cultural events. Fort Bard is in fact also a museum where you can admire various works of art and request the support of tourist guides.

  1. The Astronomical observatory

Recently inaugurated, the regional astronomical observatory located at Saint Barthélemy is finally open to the public for visits and observations. Opened in 2003 and located in the municipality of Nus, it was built to satisfy groups of school children and enthusiasts. This is why it is the possible to ask for guided observations of the various celestial bodies thanks to the use of powerful observation instruments as well as the main 810 mm telescope.

  1. Courmayeur

One of the most famous towns of the Aosta Valley region, Courmayeur is located on the Italian side of Mont Blanc, near the famous tunnel. Located at the foot of Mont Blanc, Courmayeur has a welcoming village full of shops, restaurants and clubs to spend pleasant evenings for those visiting.

Valle Aosta, Aostatal

  1. The cuisine of the region

The traditional cuisine of the Aosta Valley is far removed from the idea of ​​the Mediterranean diet to which we are mostly accustomed. Here the dishes are richer and fatter to fight the cold of the mountains. Among the most famous dishes we find local salami, such as the Mocetta, the Arnad lard, the Jambon de Bosses and the grilled ham of Saint-Oyen.

Other typical dishes are:

  • the traditional Polenta Concia, polenta with fontina and other local cheeses
  • Fondue
  • deer meat and
  • Valpellinentze, an ancient soup made with wet bread, amalgamated with cabbage and fontina.

Finally, something to absolutely try is the so-called “friendship cup”. This is a bowl with two handles and spouts with a carved lid. It is brought to the table at the end of the meal as it is used to serve Valdostana coffee, which is coffee with grappa (sometimes with the addition of génépy), sweetened and spiced, which is served with a special violet flame.

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