SIGEP: The food fair

SIGEP is an annual fair set in the exhibition spaces of the Italian Exhibition Group, the leading organizer of all major trade fairs of Rimini and Vicenza. The enormously vast exhibition spaces,  are based on an Eco Friendly philosophy. The pavilions are powered by state-of-the-art photovoltaic systems and are made almost entirely of wood.

Rimini Fiera exhibition spaces are located a few minutes north of the city center and are easily accessible thanks to the direct motorway connection. The fair will be held between 20th  and 24th  January 2018 and will involve the world of ice cream and pastry, chocolate, toasting and bakery. During the exhibition the annual ice cream World Cup will be held, a highly anticipated event by the industry.

Discover a highly anticipated event in the culinary industry

SIGEP is the food fair in Rimini. One of the most anticipated Italian events for the craft industry in Italy. As always, the fair will be held at the Rimini Expo Center, an immense area located a few minutes north of the city and characterized by a futuristic structure aimed at respecting the environment. The areas of the fair are among those with the lowest environmental impact in the world: the fountains all use re-circulated water, the exhibition is powered by avant-garde photovoltaic systems and the main construction material is wood.


SIGEP: Dates and useful information

The SIGEP fair will be held thanks to the Italian Exhibition Group (group that organizes, the major fairs of Rimini and Vicenza every year). It will be hosted on an area of over 460 thousand square meters and will have a total of 16 pavilions. Green space will be a real protagonist: plants and green areas will cover over 160 thousand of the 460 and square meters of the fairground. Sigep will be held between 20th  and 24th  January 2018 and through the official portal you will be able to find useful information.

It will be possible to find the telephone numbers to contact for any doubts or requests, to find out the list of participating companies, to find links and useful contacts to organize the trip and travel to and from the fair. It will be possible to consult the program of events, find out the detailed dates and times of each important event that will take place during the fair.

It will also be possible to download images, logos and other informative material, both before and after the fair itself, when the gallery will be updated with the new images for 2018.

 Food craft in Italy and SIGEP

Among the most requested Italian services, both in Italy and abroad, there are those concerning food crafts. Italy has always been a pioneer of high quality cuisine and is the patron of gastronomic excellence and pastry art. At SIGEP the best companies in the field of ice cream, pastry, toasting and bakery will be present. There will be two usual and highly anticipated events: the Ice Cream World Cup and the Italian barista championships.


What to do in Rimini

The SIGEP fair is an excellent opportunity to visit Rimini and the surrounding areas. The beautiful Emilian town is very touristy and it is almost impossible to get around in the summer, but it is much more than just the Riviera, the sea and the discos. The territories that surround it are rich in history and you can find real historical / architectural or landscape gems to explore.

If you are looking for things to do in Rimini, here are some recommended stops:

  • the pescheria vecchia
  • Italy in miniature
  • the Malatesta temple
  • the Tiberius Bridge
  • il castello di Azzurrina
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