Etna DOC Classic method: Sicilian sparkling wine

Italy is famous all over the world for its  production of wines of the highest quality and of the most varied types. Today in Sicilia there is a typology of wines that is attracting attention, namely Etna wines Classic method. On the slopes of the Sicilian volcano has found home the production of sparkling wine.

Here you can discover what this wine consists of and get to know its history. But that’s not all, in fact you will also discover which are the best Etna wines classic method and you will know what are the dishes with which it is served.

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Etna wines classic method what is it?

Etna classic method wines originate from the territories that are located on the slopes of the volcano and are made following a specific production specification Etna Doc. The type of sparkling wine can be produced in two versions vinified white and rosé.

The permanence on yeasts  must be at least 18 months. In fact, what is defined as the classic method for the production of sparkling wine consists in introducing the fermentation of wines directly into the bottle by introducing selected sugars and yeasts.

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The history of Etna wines classic method

You should know that the history of the wine tradition on Etna has ancient roots that start from the Greek and Roman dominations to get to the present day. According to the evidence of the past, Catania and its province are the oldest agricultural civilization in Italy. Already from the fifth century A. C. the area of Etna was cultivated with vines. Later there was a long period of decadence that continued until the late Middle Ages.

Since 1500 the wines of the Etna area are very appreciated. Notes relating to 1700 testify to the great diffusion of viticulture in Catania. In the 1800s production expanded to reach the area at the foot of the volcano. In the following century the cultivation was devastated by the invasion of the phylloxera which led to a significant decrease in production.

In the second part of the 900 production grew again and in 1968 the denomination of controlled origin was officially recognized. It is the first DOC in Sicily and one of the oldest in Italy.

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Etna wines classic method: here are the best 

But what are the best Etna classic method wines? In recent years you should know that the Murgo winery was the first to resume the sparkling production of Nerello Mascalese, an autonomous grape of Etna.

Another important reality is represented by Cantina Nicosia with the wine Sosta Tre Santi Carricante DOC , which is one of the most appreciated. Very interesting are also the wines produced by one of the largest wineries located at the foot of the volcano. This is the wine Noblesse of the winery Bananti.

In recent years the number of producers on the slopes of Etna has increased significantly and today there are 16 wineries.

CARRICANTE BRUT Millesimato – Sosta Tre Santi by Cantine Nicosia

Sosta Tre santi

What to combine with Etna wines classic method

 Etna wines classic method are great to accompany the whole meal and are perfectly suited to the recipes of traditional Sicilian cuisine. It can therefore be served as an aperitif but also with the first courses and the second ones.

One important thing to know is that this type of wine is absolutely not suitable to accompany desserts. An important aspect to consider when you have to choose a wine to match to a dish its structure and complexity in relation to that of the food you intend to eat. Etna classic method wines are perfect to accompany the recipes based on fish of traditional Sicilian cuisine.

The more structured types are suitable to be served with cheeses. Finally, Etna classic method wines are also perfect to accompany the traditional Sicilian panelle.  

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