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Piedmont, one of the most fascinating regions of Italy, offers a multiform experience that ranges from the peaks of the Alps to the enchanting hills, from the sumptuous and severe architecture of Turin to its museums among the most visited in Italy, from majestic medieval castles to culinary delights. In this Piedmont guide in pills, we will explore the wonders that this region has to offer to those who want to discover less explored routes. 

In the north-west of Italy, there is an extraordinary region that embodies excellence in every aspect: Piedmont. This land rich in traditions, breathtaking landscapes and food and wine treasures is a true paradise for the senses. 

Piemonte in pills is the guide to discover the essence of Piedmont, its unique wonders, that go beyond the tourist clichés to reveal a world of authenticity and timeless beauty.


What to see 

In the Piedmont region, there is a treasure trove of places that offers a unique experience for visitors.  

In addition to the capital Turin that in over two thousand years of history has always had a hegemonic role, first for its strategic position, then as the capital of Italy and then as the capital of the Italian car. There are many other destinations to discover, each with its own beauty and authenticity. Here is an original journey through some of the most evocative places to visit in Piedmont.

  • City of art – The city of Turin is known for its elegance and its architectural heritage. Here there are splendid palaces, such as the Reggia di Venaria and the Royal Palace, which tell the story of the Savoys, the royal family that ruled the region for centuries. In addition to over 50 museum proposals including the Egyptian Museum and the Cinema. Other Piedmontese cities offer a fascinating mix of medieval and Renaissance architecture, with picturesque squares and cobbled streets that invite to pleasant walks. Which cities are part of Piedmont? Asti, Alessandria and Cuneo, for example. 
  • Mountains – Piedmont is dominated by the Apennines and the Alps, which offer breathtaking scenery and attract hiking, skiing and mountaineering enthusiasts from all over the world. In fact, Piedmont is a destination for winter tourism thanks to the important ski resorts such as Sestriere, Bardonecchia and Limone Piemonte, which offer slopes suitable for every level. In addition, the territory is crossed by numerous valleys, such as the Val di Susa, which offer spectacular views and are rich in history and culture. 
  • Lake Orta – Located at the foot of the Alps, Lake Orta is a hidden gem that offers enchanting landscapes and unparalleled tranquility. Its azure waters surround the island of San Giulio, where stands an ancient monastery that exudes history and spirituality. With its picturesque towns along the banks, such as Orta San Giulio, the lake offers an ideal setting to relax and enjoy nature and enchanting views of social networks.
  • Lake Maggiore – Lake Maggiore enchants with its timeless beauty, its islands and its cities. Offering a combination of stunning scenery, exciting activities and a rich cultural history, this natural wonder is a must-see destination. Whether exploring the Borromean Islands, walking along the shores of the lake or soaking up the culture and history of Piedmont, Lake Maggiore offers an unforgettable experience for all visitors. 
  • Langhe – This hilly territory is renowned for its vineyards and its fine wines, such as Barolo and Barbaresco. Exploring the Langhe means getting lost in the winding streets, crossing the picturesque landscapes and visiting the historic cellars to taste the local wines. The hills are dotted with medieval villages, such as La Morra and Barolo, which also offer panoramic views of the surrounding vineyards. 
  • Sacra di San Michele – Located on the top of Mount Pirchiriano, the Sacra di San Michele is a Benedictine abbey overlooking the valley below. With its majestic architecture and panoramic location, the complex is a place that fascinates visitors. 
  • Sanctuary of Oropa – Hidden among the peaks of the Biella Alps, the Sanctuary of Oropa stands as a sacred place immersed in a mystical atmosphere. It is a unique experience that invites visitors to reconnect with their spirituality through the isolated location, the architectural majesty of the Upper Basilica and the Lower Basilica, the frescoes and the statue of the Black Madonna dating back to the fourteenth century. 
  • Ivrea – This city is known for its industrial history and for the evocative Carnival of Oranges. In addition to this unique tradition, Ivrea also boasts a historic center with medieval buildings and a vibrant atmosphere.
  • Gran Paradiso Nature Reserve – For lovers of nature and adventure, the Gran Paradiso Nature Reserve is an unspoilt paradise. Located between the Aosta Valley and Piedmont, this vast protected area is home to a rich and varied fauna and flora, including the famous chamois and golden eagle. Exploring the paths that wind through the valleys and mountains of the reserve offers the opportunity to immerse yourself in the wild beauty of the Piedmontese Alps. 


Piedmontese festivals and traditions 

What to do 

Piedmont is also rich in traditions and festivals that celebrate the culture and local peculiarities and offer a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the lively Piedmontese soul and discover the deep cultural roots of the region. 

Among the most representative traditional events is the Palio di Asti, a spectacular horse race held every year in the heart of the city. The different districts of Asti compete in an exciting race, which draws spectators from all over Italy. This event has its roots in the Middle Ages and offers a unique experience. 

The Alba Truffle Fair is the perfect place to appreciate the authenticity and delicacy of truffles. Every year, during autumn, Alba comes alive with stalls and markets dedicated to truffles, where fans can taste and buy this delicacy, discovering refined food and wine pairings and participating in high-level gastronomic events.


How can we not mention the Battle of the Oranges in Ivrea? During Carnival, the streets of the city turn into a battle arena where the inhabitants, divided into teams, throw oranges at each other in an explosion of joy and joy. 

Stresa, overlooking Lake Maggiore, is the ideal setting for one of the most prestigious music festivals in Europe: the International Music Festival. This event brings together internationally renowned artists in a unique setting, between gardens and historic buildings. 

Piedmontese food and wine 

The Piedmontese cuisine is famous all over the world and is a real paradise for gourmets. Piedmont is home to white truffles, considered one of the most valuable and expensive products in the culinary world. Cheeses, such as toma and gorgonzola, and cold cuts, such as the famous Cuneo ham, complete the gastronomic offer of the region. 

To fully understand the Piedmontese cuisine you should taste the traditional dishes that embody the authentic soul of the region. The Piedmontese mixed boiled is a classic, consisting of several cuts of boiled meat and served with traditional sauces such as green sauce. Agnolotti del plin, small ravioli stuffed with meat, are another absolute must. And to conclude a Piedmontese meal in sweetness, we can not forget the hazelnut cake, a specialty that takes advantage of the rich local hazelnuts, creating a rich and satisfying dessert. 

The region is also famous for its fine wines, such as Nebbiolo, Barolo and Barbaresco, produced in the hills of the Langhe and Monferrato. We invite you to enjoy these wines by drinking responsibly.

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