Borromean Islands, the pearls of Lake Maggiore

How to reach and what to visit in this natural paradise

Italy is full of treasures to discover and incredible towns and places such as the Borromee isles which are just off the coast of Lago Maggiore. Despite their small size they offer visitors plenty of attractions and one-of-kind experiences. Here culture, nature and art become one and give life to something unmatched. It habitat has many biodiversities and because of that it is one of the few in Europe. This area of the Lago Maggiore is picked by many celebrities of the show business as wellness retreat. So let us dive into what they are and where these small isles, considered to be paradise on earth, are located. Furthermore, we will talk about the things to see in this beautiful place and how to get there. 

Come raggiungere le Isole Borromee da Stresa | ViaggiArt

Borromean Islands what they are and where they are

The Borromee isles  are a small archipelago located in the Borromeo Gulf between Stresa and Pallanza in the Lago Maggiore. Obviously they are one of the main attractions of Lago Maggiore. The archipelago is composed by three main islands which are:

  • Isola Bella
  • Isola Madre
  • Isola dei pescatori

In addition to these there are also the isle of San Giovanni and the Scoglio della Malghera. But there is more, for on the Borromee islands beautiful villas with amazing gardens are to be found. Among these you cannot miss the Villa Pallavicino, Villa Ducale and Villa Taranto. Together e with the local architecture these villas make this place unique.

What to see on the Borromee islands

There are many things to see on the Borromee islands. The biggest is the Isola Madre where a 18-hectare gardens features rare exotic plants. On the island there is the regal Palazzo Borromeo where you can enjoy many treasures and works of art. This was the noble mansion of the Borromeo family and inside it holds vintage furniture, portraits and china. Also there is a magnificent Venetian-style hall. Finally, in the botanic garden you can admire over 2000 species of flowers from all over the globe. The only inhabited island is the island dei Pescarori, which is also known as the Isola Superiore. Here the old town where fishermen once used to live is to be found. This place has remained intact and the same as it was in the past preserving its charm. You should know that on the Isola Bella there is a Palazzo Borromeo too with its more than 20 halls where true treasure are kept safe such as marbles, paintings and tapestries. You cannot miss a trip to the Galleria Berthier where works by Titian, Raphael, and Correggio are displayed and the caves. You should also know that on this island unlike the Isola Madre the garden’s grass is in the typical Italian style which culminates with an imposing structure and an amphitheater right on the lake’s shores.  

Isole Borromee: oasi di pace | Foto Dove Viaggi

Borromee islands:  how to get there

Now that you know what to see on the Borromee Islands in the Lago Maggiore all that is left to know is how to get there. You can choose different locations along the coast of the lake from which ferries depart to reach the three islands. These are the towns:

  • Stresa
Natale a Stresa: la Perla del Lago Maggiore ti aspetta per vivere la magia  del Natale
  • Locarno
Locarno | Ferrovia Vigezzina Centovalli
  • Arona
campinglagomaggiore - ARONA E LA ROCCA DI ANGERA
  • Pallanza
pallanza verbania Archivi -
  • Laveno
Borgo di Laveno, Varese in Lombardia - e-borghi

One important things you should know before visiting the Borromee Islands is that only the Isola dei Pescatori, because inhabited, is accessible throughout the year. The other two in fact are closed to the public during the winter months. Finally to visit this natural heaven you need to get you ticket either online or once you are there. This is essential in order to visit the isola Bella and the isola Madre and costs 24 euros per person. Get ready to discover authentic and beautiful setting in addition to marvelous treasures. 

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