Caffè Florian, Three Centuries of History

Located in the heart of Venice under the archways in Piazza San Marco, you can find the oldest café in Italy, which, together with Café Procope in Paris, is the oldest in the world. It was first established in December of 1720 by Floriano Francesconi under the name Alla Venezia Trionfante, and it was soon nicknamed Florian, after its owner, becoming the most famous coffee houses of its time.

In three centuries of history, its tables have hosted an endless list of distinguished characters. Here, Giacomo Casanova wooed the ladies and got to know Carlo Goldoni. Parini, Silvio Pellico, Lord Byron, Foscolo, Dickens, Goethe, Rousseau, D’Annunzio all passed by here. Through time and change, economic crisis as well as social change, the café was always the heart of Venetian society from the serene Republic of Venice to the revolutionary movements of 1848.

Today Café Florian still retains the charm of the era in which it was born and when Florian lived. With beautiful nineteenth-century interior, rooms decorated in various different styles, the place is an important cultural center that organizes exhibitions, meetings, and high-level cultural events, especially in contemporary art. This is how Temporanea and Le Realtà Possibili del Caffè Florian e Unica were born, two artistic initiatives in cooperation with the Biennial of Venice. This is how the Florian room was interpreted in a contemporary way through the appearances of both Italian and international artists. The commitment and activity focused on several fronts, led to the birth of the brand Florian Venezia in 1720, which created a complete line of products whose style reflected the Venetian tradition and the elegance of Made in Italy.

Among the six halls in the café, The Chinese hall, the Oriental hall, the Hall of seasons and the Distinguished men hall are those that stand out the most. Light, sinuous forms grace the walls of the Chinese room, the oriental hall is a maze of majestic figures inspired by the far-East and imagery that is intertwined with gold leaf decorations, friezes and red velvet banquettes, where the atmosphere is special, and dreamy. Surrounded by floral motifs, the Hall of Seasons welcomes visitors with figures of women wrapped in long garments that enhance their beauty and symbolize seasons. The service of this historic place is nothing less than impeccable, not only serving coffee, but also food and beverage for any occasion. Taking inspiration from traditional dishes and desserts, Cafe Florian offers superb preparations made with high quality products, suitable for the most refined gourmet tastes. From breakfast to an afternoon tea, from aperitif to a light dinner, every moment is celebrated with taste and refinement.

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