Family Breakfast: why is it important to eat together

Breakfast is universally considered a fundamental meal, it supplies the nutrients and energy to start the day. But family breakfast, with children, is even more important. Not by chance  is one of the most important traditions in Italy.

The best way to start a day together along with the proper nutrients are two winning aspects of this moment. But one other factor must not be forgotten: the presence of the whole family, union, closeness, and sharing are the basis of this “morning ritual”. In front of a bowl of milk and biscuits, in fact, thanks to conversation and direct contact, not only  is the body nourished but also the relationship between the family members!

 Also, it is an example for children, it is a moment to give them a role model, not just with food. Undoubtedly, as highlighted by nutritionists, the “breakfast system” prepares children and young people to eat well, with a greater predisposition to the consumption of fruit and vegetablesAnd for  this, it is also worth keeping an eye on the clock: a breakfast should last at least 15 minutes, reveals a research conducted by the Doxa-Aidepi observatory on Italian families. Why? Well, to avoid that hurry or anxiety that can often accompany this moment before going to school or at work. 

Among the traditions present in Italy, having breakfast at home is the one that must be safeguarded by the increasingly “hasty” habits that tend to overwhelm our daily rhythms: don’t forget that often before going home and being all together again many hours can pass. Often, the family gets back together only in the evening.

Living breakfast as a communal moment in a habitual way, makes all members of the family, children and teenagers above all, not dismiss it as a dull phase of the day. And to consider it an opportunity to talk and interact, but also as a moment to plan the day or solve problems that could arise throughout the day. And sitting around the kitchen table in the morning is a factor that even psychologists tend to exalt. It is here that an atmosphere of well-being is created which will be needed to deal with the difficulties we face every day…

Italian Breakfast - Italian Traditions

Of course, dietary choices have their weight. It is important to choose good foods that satisfy the whole family, without forgetting  nutritional principles. If milk is a constant, whether it’s cows milk or a soia milk, it is important to combine it with other drinks, including fruit juices, for a dietary consumption always as “natural” as possible.

It is a great idea to change the menu and ingredients of this meal often, it is also a good idea to change the menu often with different foods to avoid repetitions and focusing on the gratification, taste and pleasure of all family members … 

Now you understand why it’s so important to have breakfast with the family, right?

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