5 Italian lakes to discover

Waters and charm. Jewels of rare beauty surrounded by lush vegetation, mountains, countryside and medieval villages with traditional flavors and typical products. Among the Italian lakes, there are some described as mirrored deep green as well as sky blue lakes, and if you are tired of the usual beach holiday, what better time than now to explore unique landscapes, where you can breathe clean air and enjoy maximum relaxation? Italian Traditions proposes the 5 Italian lakes to discover, including some in the regions of Lombardy, Alto Adige, Tuscany, Calabria and Lazio!

Carezza Lake

Carezza Lake - Italian Traditions

The lake is located in Trentino Alto Adige, in the dense forest at the foot of Mount Latemar. In the Ladin language it is called Lec de ergobando meaning Rainbow Lake, for its beautiful colors reflected in the sunlight. According to legend, in the depths of the lake lived a beautiful little mermaid with which Masarè the magician fell in love with. To win over her love the witch Lanwerda recommended that the magician mask himself as a jewelry seller and create a rainbow that went from Rosengarten to Latemar with the jewels. The magician followed the advice forgetting, however, to disguise himself. The little mermaid saw him and from that moment she plunged forever into the lake. The magician was so angry that he threw all of the jewels and pieces of the rainbow in the lake. And it is for this reason that it still shines magically in of all colors of the rainbow. The lake has no visible tributaries, but is fed by underground springs that bring water from the Latemar peaks. The water level, therefore, varies continuously and especially depending on the seasons. (For more info, click here)

Iseo Lake

Iseo Lake - Italian Traditions

Rare beauty from the wonderful facets on which the blue sky is reflected and the red gleam of the summer sunsets. It is not a gem, but a lake called Iseo, located in Lombardy between Bergamo and Brescia. It is quite popular throughout the year, it lives its tourist season from May to September, a period in which many events are organized. This lake is perfect for practicing various sports activities: swimming, fishing, windsurfing and scuba diving and sailing. It is rich in trout and pike, the favors of lake fishing. On its banks you can find production of an excellent olive oil with distinctive sensory characteristics. The best places to see that we recommend are Predore, Riva di Fool Lovere and Bogn Zorzino. And if you are bird watchers, we suggest you reach the Riserva delle Torbiere, one of Europe’s most beautiful paradises! (For more info, click here)

Gramolazzo Lake

Gtamolazzo Lake - Italian Traditions

A swimmable lake in the Alps, located near the eponymous village in the municipality of Minucciano, in the province of Lucca. We are in the historical region of Garfagnana, a mainly mountainous area characterized by natural and unique cultural and historical destinations. Of artificial origin, the lake was created in the second half of 1900s, together with the famous Lake Screeners, by SELT Valdarno for the hydroelectric utilization of the Serchio river and its tributaries. On the lake there are some tourist facilities, such as a campground, a hotel and several restaurants; during the summer months, in fact, you can go for a swim on the sandy beaches present on the lake shore. (For more info, click here)

Bolsena Lake

Bolsenza Lake - Italian Traditions

Located in the province of Viterbo, with its 115 square kilometers wide, it is the largest volcanic basin d ‘Italy. There are two volcanic islands in the lake, Martana and Bisentina, which are meters from the coastline. On the shores of the lake there are five typically medieval villages. From this point of view, the lake is becoming a strong economic and cultural resource for both the district and its tourists. At local fish shops you can find the typical fresh water fish from the lake as well as whitefish, tench and pike. From here, they have developed innumerable gastronomical activities that offer various fresh and salt water fish specialties. Try the Sbroscia, an excellent fish chowder dish that is very well appreciated by tourists. Among the most typical villages, we recommend Bolsena, Montefiascone, Gradoli, Marta and Capodimonte. (For more info, click here)

Cecita Lake

Cecita Lake - Italian Traditions

Also called Mucone – named after its main tributary – is an artificial lake built for the production of electricity, located in the province of Cosenza on the Sila Grande. Lake Cecita holds an immense archaeological heritage, which came to light just a few years ago. The findings have shown the ancient history of Calabria at a new scenario that is yet to be fully investigated. It is important for getting to know the characters and activities of Calabrian prehistory in a natural setting of rare beauty and natural richness. In 2004 in fact, important finds were discovered in the whole Mucone Valley. Through the excavations it was possible to bring to light the remains of a civilization that lived in the area as early as in the Lower Paleolithic era. The lake, which today is artificial and has existed since the last century, there was probably in the period to which they relate the findings. (For more info, click here)

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