The best Truffle Producers in Italy

The truffle is one of the many extraordinary Italian food excellences. In fact, the Italian peninsula boasts nine varieties of this “fruit of the earth” much appreciated by cooks and gourmets.

The many different qualities of truffles are linked to different regions and their particular climatic and territorial conditions. Piedmont stands out for its white truffle, while the black truffle has its characteristic reference area in Norcia, in Umbria. These and other varieties are also the flagship of Italian producers, who over time and following the traditions, have been able to enhance this product considered one of the “kings” of Italian cuisine, in the best possible way. For this reason, discovering the most important truffle producers in Italy also means to make a sort of journey along the Peninsula.

Alba Tartufi

Truffle - Italian Traditions

 Alba Tartufi is a company that has been operating for over thirty years in Montà, in the province of Cuneo. They have been researching and selecting the best quality truffles since the beginning. The activity is divided into two areas: “Food Division” which includes fresh Truffles and preserved Truffles, and the “Cosmetics Division”, which uses the extract of Alba White Truffle in the “Truffle of Alba Beauty” line. The proposal goes from the White Truffle of Alba, considered the prized truffle par excellence, to the black summer truffle, which stands out for its aromatic scent, particularly appreciated in cuisine, up to the prized black truffle, the best known internationally.

I Nobili di Acqualagna

Truffle - Italian Traditions

From the finest White to Black. The truffles of I Nobili di Acqualagna come from the hills in the province of Pesaro and Urbino, in the Marche region. A fruit generated by both the research and truffle cultivators of the region. The production guarantees a wide variety of truffles throughout the year. They also offer preserved truffles, an ideal addition to the preparation of a wide range of dishes and culinary specialties.

Abruzzo Tartufi


A name linked to the land of Abruzzo and the production of the Abruzzese truffle. Located in Cappelle sul Tavo, in the province of Pescara, Abruzzo Tartufi distinguishes itself for the proposal of Black and White Truffles, both fresh and preserved. The varieties proposed are: Scorzone Black Truffle, Precious Black Truffle, Bianchetto Truffle, White Truffle. In addition, the activity also includes truffle products designed to enhance the truffle and contribute to the gastronomic realization: sauces and oils, butter and honey.

Di Iorio Tartufi

Truffle - Italian Traditions

A family-run company operating in Busso, in the province of Campobasso, in Molise, a region of particular importance for Italian truffle production. Di Iorio Tartufi draws from the splendid centuries-old woods of Molise the best of the regional proposal of truffles: precious white, black summer, fine white and black. Here the truffle is selected and processed in a traditional way, and also made into preserves.

Urbani Tartufi

Truffle - Italian Traditions

Urbani Tartufi is situated in the green heart of Umbria, near Scheggino, in the province of Perugia. It is a real truffle holding, with 300 employees and also has branches in the province of Terni and Alba. Olga Urbani is the manager and is the fifth generation of a real dynasty of producers, which started in 1852 with Costantino Urbani. Currently the truffles of Urbani are marketed in 70 different countries all over the world, thanks to the numerous branches also in the USA. There is also the Tartufo Museum to be visited at the Scheggino site.

Lauria Tartufi

Truffle - Italian Traditions

The Lucano Truffle finds its triumph at Lauria Tartufi, a company of Villa d’Agri, in Basilicata. This territory is the ideal habitat of the prized Lucan Truffle, thanks to the preservation of the environmental resources of the area. The truffle is sold fresh thanks to the work of the numerous truffle searchers in the area. The offer also includes white and black truffles, preserved or ground.

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