The famous battle of Scannagallo, Pozzo della Chiana

One of the most well- known sieges in history

The history of our country is characterized by some events that are still remembered through historical re-enactments. One of the most famous is that concerning the battle of Scannagallo in the province of Arezzo. Italian Traditions will tell you all about this historical event also known as the war of Siena. In addition, we will present the commander Piero Strozzi central character in the story. Finally, we will talk about the historical re-enactments that are still carried out today to remember the event.

The history

The event is one of the many battles of the historical period called “Wars of Italy” that took place around the middle of the 16th century and saw opposition to the army of the Kingdom of France and that of the Spanish Empire. Particularly in the 40s of the 1500s clashes and interests were concentrated in Tuscany where some conflicts become famous. In 1555 Siena passed under the control of Florence.

The battle

The historical importance of this battle cannot be argued because it allowed the Florentines to head for the conquest of Siena that was subjected to the Medici control. The regional state of Tuscany originated from this event. The event took place in 1554 and saw the opposing Franco-Sienese and Hispanic-Florentine armies in combat. The bloody conflict took place on the hill near Scannagallo at Pozzo della Chiana in the Arezzo area.

The decisive moment of the battle took place at dawn on August 2, 1554 when due to the difficulties encountered, the commander Piero Strozzi, decided to move his army back onto the surrounding hills. The adversaries led by Marignano, Gian Giacomo de Medici, continued the attack. After a long and bloody battle they forced the enemy to surrender. On April 17, 1555, Siena passed under the control of the Medici family.



Piero Strozzi

Pietro Strozzi was the commander-in-chief of the Franco-Sienese troops and tried to guide his men to defend the Tuscan city. The firstborn of the Sienese Strozzi family, he was initially directed towards an ecclesiastical career. Later he preferred the military career marked by numerous successes. But his fame ended in 1554 at the Battle of Scannagallo. The figure of Pietro Strozzi has historical importance because to him the introduction of the arquebusiers troops is attributed. He died on 21 June 1558 during the Battle of Thionville.


The historical re-enactment of the battle

Even today this event is celebrated through the historical re-enactment of this battle as per tradition on the last weekend of May or the first of June. During the two days in which this event takes place, a faithful slice of 16th century life is shown, as well as the re-enactment of the battle and the looting. Every year people coming from all over Europe reach these territories to participate in the event. The place is Pozzo della Chiana in the province of Arezzo and the event is held near the fosso Sangallo.

The history of Italy is characterized by events and battles that are still remembered today for their great importance. If you want to know more information and characters that have been fundamental to the history of our country, we advise you to read this article too. Now that you know about the battle of Scannagallo you just have to discover other news from the past.

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