The legend of Azzurrina: a prisoner of the castle of Montebello

The Castle of Montebello is a splendid medieval building located in Poggio Torriana, a small village in the province of Rimini. To reach it is very simple and an endless series of legends are connected to it, some more fun, like the one about a hidden treasure, and others more grim, like the famous legend of Azzurrina. Azzurrina, daughter of the owner of the castle, according to the legend died trapped within its walls on the day of the summer solstice, in 1375. The very popular legend is a strong tourist attraction for the small town of Poggio Torriana and every day it brings hundreds of visitors to its castle.

The legend of Azzurrina is a very popular medieval legend from the areas of Romagna. Its popularity has been able to make the castle of Montebello, which is closely related to it, famous as a place of tourist attraction. Azzurrina is the name of the girl who was born an albino, who died prematurely (but we will talk about the legend soon). The castle of Montebello is a splendid structure, still open today, located in a hamlet of the municipality of Poggio Torriana, in the province of Rimini.


Who was Azzurrina?

The legend of Azzurrina is set in 1375 and tells the story of the daughter of Uguccione di Montebello, owner of the castle of the same name. The girl was born with albinism, congenital malformation that consists in the total absence of melanin in the tissues and, therefore, of pigment. Since at the time albinism was seen as a direct connection with demonic acts, the girl’s mother always dyed her hair black to protect her from the popular rumors. The extreme volatility of the colors of the period, however, made the dye disappear almost immediately and the girl’s hair became a particular shade of blue, from which the nickname.



Uguccione would not allow the girl to leave the castle and had her guarded by two trusted guards twenty-four hours a day. It seems that one night, during a terrible storm, the girl was playing with a ball of rags, that the wind tumbled down the stairs to the castle’s underground cold cellar. The girl ran to pick it up, but fell to her death, but when the guards went to look for her they found no trace. It was the summer solstice and the storm ceased with her disappearance. Legend has it that her spirit has remained trapped inside the castle and that it comes back to be heard every 5 years, coinciding with the summer solstice.

Poggio Torriana: the city of mysteries and of Azzurrina

Consider this: Poggio Torriana is famous in the neighboring towns for the hundreds of legends that concern it and for the air of mystery that surrounds it. That of Azzurrina is, therefore, not the only popular story that involves her but, indeed, it is only one of many. Around the castle of Montebello revolve many tales of elves and spirits, bizarre nocturnal noises, even very grim legends (to the limits of horror stories) and above all of a hidden treasure, which seems to have been searched for far and wide within every centimeter, hiding place and secret passage of the castle by many groups of explorers, even if to no avail.


How to reach the castle of Azzurrina? Where to stay? What to eat?

To reach the castle of Montebello di Poggio Torriana we advise you to refer to the information on the official website. The visits to immerse yourself in the legend of Azzurrina are possible both during the day and at night (paying a small surcharge) and the visit costs no more than 10 €, with the possibility of reduced and group discounts. We suggest you stop and taste the delicacies of the romagnola cuisine at one of the many local restaurants, such as the well-known Tenuta Saiano. For your stay, we recommend, among many, Palazzo Marcosanti and the characteristic B & B Le Mimose.

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