ART FAIR in Bologna

The first Art, Antiques, Philately and Numismatics Event

From 1st  to 5th  February 2018, the city of Bologna will host Arte Fiera, one of the most awaited Made in Italy events of the year. If you would like to know the latest news in the field of art and antiques and you’re wondering what you can visit in Italy in this specific sector, the Bologna Art Fair is definitely the event you were looking for.

During these 5 dedicated days, Bologna will celebrate Italian art, confirming itself for the 2018 edition as the main point of reference for the major artistic movements and the occasion of in-depth moments dedicated both to the individual artist and to theoretical reflection.

The profile that Bologna has decided to adopt for this event is not that of a cosmopolitan city, but an intellectual city not inclined to the globalized spectacularization of art and its market. It will be, in fact, an event with a high cultural value that will welcome real scholars and enthusiasts from all parts of the world.

The Arte Fiera is therefore reconfirmed with its 42nd edition, for the second year in a row it is being held in the Bologna exhibition center created by Leonardo Benevole. The peculiarity of the event is that it is not divided into minor and major works. For this reason, it has been decided to mix the various works, even though they are different techniques and belong to different periods.

The ideology behind Arte Fiera di Bologna

Through this choice there is a clear desire to celebrate art at 360°, without any kind of distinction. Indeed, the artistic director has explicitly stated that any distinction between modern and contemporary is no longer reliable and would also risk making the visit monotonous.

For this reason, it was decided that the photographic section be distributed inside the pavilions, always complying with the principle of not wanting to underline any dominance or difference between the use of various artistic techniques.

At the base of this exhibition choice is the theoretical assumption that art has gained, in the course of the last century, unprecedented freedom in its way of use and its different languages.

Arte Fiera di Bologna wants to underline the mingling even between the time of the artifacts, which are linked together in an indissoluble way in a dialogue between  past and present, able to stimulate the game of similarities and evolutions.

The sections of Arte Fiera

The 2018 edition of Arte Fiera 2018 is divided into different sections. It will be possible to find:

  • Main Section, consisting of 107 galleries
  • Solo Show, with 28 galleries
  • Photo, handled by Andrea Pertoldeo with 12 galleries
  • Nueva Vista, handled by Simone Frangi with 4 galleries.

For a total of 151 partecipants.

To this, we need to add another 22 exhibitors in the publishing field, handled by Amedeo Martegani and the Talk Area where the international conference will be held between exhibition and fair: entre chien et loup, handled by Angela Vettese with Clarissa Ricci, Cristina Baldacci and Camilla Salvaneschi, on Fridays and Saturdays.

On Sunday 4 February, however, there will be important conversations aimed at presenting books, collections and specific initiatives.

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