Enzo Ferrari: the history of a legend

Here is the life of the founder of the Ferrari team

Italian Traditions takes you to the discovery of one of the main figures in the history of motoring. This is Enzo Ferrari. This car company founded by him is today a symbol of speed and luxury. Do you want to know more about the story of the man who was one of the most important figures in Italian and world history? Well this is precisely the article you were looking for. Here in fact I will tell you about his life and the episodes that led to the birth of a car company that is the symbol of Made in Italy excellence around the world.


His background

Enzo Anselmo Ferrari was born on 18th February 1898 in Modena. His father was the owner of a metalworking workshop that dealt with building bridges and roofs for the state’s railways. His passion for the world of motors and racing was born at the age of eight. In fact, in 1908 he attended a car race car in the circuit of Bologna for the first time together with his father and was truly impressed. In 1916 both his father and his brother died and the young Enzo was forced to abandon his studies and begin working at the school for turners at the Modena firefighters’ workshop.



Enzo Ferrari

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But that’s not all, during the First World War he left for the front but was struck by a serious illness. Once he recovered, he sought employment in Turin at the Fiat factory but was turned down. However, he found a job in Turin in a small mechanical workshop that produced Torpedo cars built with recovered chassis of trucks used during the war. In 1919 he moved to Milan and began working at the National Mechanical Constructions first as a test driver and then as a pilot. The following year, Enzo Ferrari joined Alfa Romeo and began a twenty-year partnership.


One of the most significant dates in the life of Enzo Ferrari is 1929 when he founded the Ferrari team in Modena. Born as a sports club with the aim of allowing its members to race. This broke up in 1937 when Enzo took over the Alfa racing department. In 1939 he left the company permanently and started his own business. During the second world war he transferred the company from Modena to Maranello. Here the first part of what will become the Ferrari headquarters was built. In 1948 the story of this prestigious team began.

In the following years the car company continued its growth both in the production of racing cars and road cars. In 1969, realizing the industrial development and the need for a powerful partner in the sector, he signed an agreement with Fiat. This allowed Ferrari to grow more and more. The last car made by Enzo Ferrari was the F40 model of 1987. The following year he died at the age of ninety.



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