Aquarium of Genoa, “a night with sharks”

If its being overlooking the sea, with one of the most important ports of the Mediterranean, is not enough to convince you to visit Genoa, its Aquarium and the adventurous experiences proposed will surely make you change your mind. Immersed in the wonderful biodiversity of the Aquarium of Genoa, you can spend an unforgettable experience: the Night with the Sharks.

notte con gli squali
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In addition, children will be enchanted by a night visit to theAquarium of Genoa and the opportunity to sleep in the vicinity of one of the most fascinating and terrible sea creatures at the same time, the shark, while an expert zoologist will tell the peculiarities of this much feared species.

Why visit Genoa?

We have already given several reasons why you should visit Genoa. Its history as the capital of one of the Maritime Republics makes it famous all over the world, as a city that dominates the sea and lives in tune with it. For several centuries, Genoa has been a major naval power in Europe and one of the richest cities in the world and, to date, is one of the main economic and cultural poles of our country.

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Genoa has a cultural relevance, having been named European Capital of Culture in 2004, while in 2006UNESCO has counted much of its historic center among World Heritage Sites. <

The Aquarium of Genoa

The ancient port of Genoa, which dates back to 1500, hosts for thirty years the celebration Aquarium of Genoa, designed by Renzo Piano and built on the occasion of Colombiadi, or an Expo celebrating the anniversary of the discovery of America.

acquario di genova
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The Aquarium is one of the largest in the world, with a path that exceeds two hours of visit and includes 39 tanks, for a total area of 27,000 square meters. The structure hosts different types of animal species related to the maritime environment. Not only fish, therefore, but also amphibians, marine mammals, reptiles and birds.

acquario di genova
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L’Aquarium of Genoa is a mecca for lovers of marine biodiversity and an important educational hub that allows young people (but not only) to learn about marine biology and how different aquatic ecosystems work.

The night with sharks: a unique experience to discover the aquarium at night

Once a month, theAquarium of Genoa organizes the Night with Sharks. On this occasion, children from 7 to 11 years of age will have the opportunity to spend a night inside the aquarium, near the shark tank, to observe the animals’ nocturnal behaviour and their awakening at dawn.

Notte con gli Squali
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The tour starts at 21:00, with a night guided tour of the aquarium, which allows you to admire the fish at a time – for us – unusual. Entertainment activities follow one another until bedtime, when cots are placed in front of the shark pool where children stay in sleeping bags. When you wake up, accompanied by the exhilarating atmosphere of the pool that slowly comes alive, breakfast is served and then the tour ends.

What to do and what to eat in Genoa

The visit to the Aquarium is over, but you want to stay in Genoa and see more. Quiet, there is still a lot to do and see! Starting from the historical center of Genoa and its seafaring style, between caruggi e le creuze, the Cathedrals, the historic buildings and the inevitable Museum of the Sea, where you can retrace the history of the Maritime Republic.

cosa vedere a genova
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But in Genoa will certainly not miss the excellent local food that will literally make your mouth water. We cannot fail to mention the pesto, a seasoning that has now become international but that was born in Liguria and that here is made entirely by hand, with fresh ingredients and mortar, completely different from the one found in the supermarket. Trofie al pesto is one of the most classic specialties and must be tried.

cosa mangiare a genova
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As for street food, the inevitable focaccia will be able to agree the tastes of all thanks to the variety of condiments available: olives, cheese, onion and so on.

Cosa mangiare a genova
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Where to sleep in Genoa

As for accommodation, in Genoa you are spoiled for choice. Depending on your needs, you can decide to stay near the Aquarium or in a more central area, to be just a few steps from the picturesque old town.

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Many old buildings have in fact been converted to accommodation facilities, such as hotels or B&Bs, and offer rooms in historic apartments that allow you to fully enjoy the experience of staying in the Genoa of the Maritime Republics. To stay on the theme of sea and aquarium, a real dive into the past!

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