Costa Cruises, dreaming sailing

How to daydream aboard one of the wonderful ships Costa Cruises, European leader in cruise and third worldwide, ready to make known the most beautiful destinations in the world in all seasons.

More and more people choose to spend their holidays riding the waves of seas and oceans, without having to give up the fun and the most exclusive services that normally find the most beautiful 4 or 5 star hotels.

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The ships Costa are well 26 and all offer various itineraries to meet the wishes and needs of their customers, who rely on them to organize an unforgettable trip alone or in company.

Here are some:

  • Costa Deliziosa
  • Costa Diadema
  • Costa Luminosa
  • Costa Firenze
  • Costa Pacifica

Each of them has a different feature and offers services and environments designed to offer its guests maximum comfort.

Costa Crociere
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Costa Crociere, the birth of the Italian shipping company

The Group Costa Crociere is headquartered at Genoa and operates globally. Its history is 70 years old and begins in 1948, when it makes the first trip with the ship Anna C from the Ligurian capital reaches Buones Aires.

costa crociere Genova
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Since then it has carried out its ambitious project, collecting over the years many stories to tell. Interesting to know that the first cruise ship in the world was built in 1957 (the Franca C) and gradually the dimensions, the furnishings and the shapes have changed, up to the present day where it seems to stay in an immense and luxurious floating hotel.

Today the main routes to which these large boats sail are those of the Mediterranean, North Europe, Caribbean, Baltic Sea, from North to South America, United Arab Emirates and Far East.

Costa Crociere
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Costa Cruises, summer destinations to discover

The beauty of cruising is the opportunity to travel to wonderful destinations and all to discover, both in the colder months, both in the warmer months. In fact, there are many solutions offered by Costa even for those who want to go on holiday when summer is just a distant memory.

Spring and summer cruises

When the cold gives way to the spring months, an excellent solution is to leave for different destinations of the Mediterranean, which affect both various European countries and Italian cities.

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But discovering other places in the Bel Paese is just as interesting, as starting from Bari and passing through Trieste and Split in just 4 truly memorable days. The magnificent “Love Boat” of Costa Cruises are ready to make their passengers live a daydream.

Coast Cruises: Italian itineraries

The destinations offered by Costa Crociere are many, choose one of the countless itineraries and discover the emotion of the experience on board.

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It is easy to feel comfortable during a Costa holiday. On ships there are cabins suitable for every need, in terms of space, functionality and location, without ever giving up the comfort you need to relax. The cabins are furnished in a modern style and offer small and large conveniences, combined with excellent service.

Costa Crociere
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Knowing how to eat well, like the proposals of the menus of the restaurants on board Costa, drink better and know how to look to the future with the disenchanted smile of those who already have a solution, are the secrets of the Italians. Infectious secrets that fill every heart with warmth. Try the best of Italian cuisine, for lunch or dinner in a different restaurant: Italian taste is an ingredient that is never missing in Costa holidays. All restaurants offer specialties prepared with top quality ingredients and the attention to food that distinguishes the Made in Italy.

Costa Crociere
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The wonder of Italy is made of unmissable cities such as Rome, Venice, Florence, Pisa or fantastic places such as Salento, the Cinque Terre, the unique Portofino, the Amalfi coast or the crystal clear sea of Sardinia. Taking a cruise in Italy does not just mean seeing unforgettable places, but above all enjoying an atmosphere that is the result of the Italian lifestyle.

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