L’Alveare che dice sì: an eco-friendly beehiving project

Alveare che dice sì is a beautiful project, famous in Europe and that has recently landed in Italy to promote eco-sustainability and nutrition awareness. It is a short-chain sales network (0 km) that minimizes the movement of raw materials and the at-purchase waiting time for buyers. During the “beehive” days, in fact, buyers will not be diverted to a local market, but at exclusive locations to simply collect the goods they have previously ordered from home. The hive is in itself a moment of exchange: products, ideas and collective experiences.

Alveare che dice sì (Beehive that says yes): an 0 km eco-sustainable project

Alveare che dice sì is an innovative and environmentally sustainable project that has not much to do with honey and bees. It is in fact a project aimed at the creation of small meeting points (the Hives, in fact) that allow the purchase of 0 km, good quality, products of the land. With the growth of greenhouse agriculture, GMOs and urbanization, it is increasingly difficult, especially in the city, to buy fruit, vegetables and other unrefined products (from legumes to meats) that are really of excellent quality and that come from organic Alveare che dice sì: what is it?


Alveare che dice sì is a project aimed at zero km eco-sustainability. It is an event (usually weekly) that allows the meeting between local producers of raw materials and buyers. It is different from a normal market, however, as purchases are not made on site. Buyers will in fact order their goods directly from home during the week. The meeting day of the Hive will just be a moment of and exchange of ideas. This dramatically reduces the cost of transport. Manufacturers will only have to transport the products which have been booked without having to take everything back and forth. Consumers, on the other hand, will simply have to worry about going to the hive for collection, without unnecessary queues and wasting of time. In short: a way to eat healthy and good quality food, but in a smart and innovative way.

How to open a beehive?

Alveare che dice sìis a constantly expanding project. Its creators do not want to put any limit to its potential for growth, that is why anyone, but really anyone, can open their 0 km hive. What do you need?


Easy. To “pass” the controls and get a recognized hive, you need to have the right motivation and enough time to devote to the project. The hive must be able to meet in a predetermined location. It can be a public place (a square, a museum) or even a private place (bars, salons for parties and so on). Subsequently, it will be necessary to organize local advertising campaigns. “Face to face” is probably the most effective solution, but a good campaign will also include distributing leaflets or organizing events explaining the project and the advantages it brings to producers, customers and the environment.

What happens in a hive?

Inside a Alveare che dice sì anything can really happen! Being mainly an event aimed at the collection of products that have already been purchased, and not at the choice of the same, sellers and buyers will be able to spend the time they save exchanging ideas and advice. It will be a crucial moment to propose new products, perhaps organizing small events or tasting stands. There are no limits to the imagination, the Alveare che dice sì is a booming project! The list of hives currently present in Italy can be consulted on the dedicated webpage, for the moment especially big cities, are interested like Rome and Turin.

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