The winter edition of: The Lombardy taste trail

What to do in Cremona? Here is one of the most important Italian wine and food fairs

Are you thinking of visiting Italy and in particular you want to know what to do in Cremona? Good! This is the article you were looking for. In fact, here I will present one of the most important Italian food and wine festivals that takes place during this period, known as Le Strade del Gusto della Lombardia event. This takes place on Sunday 17th  December from 9 am to 7pm. For this year’s edition the host city is Cremona. I’ll give you some useful information about  what you can find at the event and how to reach it.

The event

Take a look at this: every year a different city of Lombardy is chosen to host the event. It takes place in three different editions during the year. In 2017 the chosen city is Cremona. The first stage took place on April 2nd, with the second being on June 25th. As for the last one, namely the winter edition, this year it turns on precisely on December 17th.

The event is a wine and food kermesse that develops in the form of a market in which typical local products are sold. This is accompanied by correlated events in the town. In detail:

  • the Health trail
  • the Taste on the table trail
  • the Senses trail
  • the Heart trail
  • the Two Wheel trail

In short, the first consists of sensory laboratories organized by Slow Food Cremona in the conference room of Piazza Stradivari. The second is a gastronomic review that takes place in participating restaurants in the area. The Senses trail, on the other hand, is a wine tasting inside the stands in the square. The heart trail is a fundraiser for non-profit associations. The last one concerns gourmand itineraries realized in collaboration with the bike clubs of the area.

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Where it is held and how to take part

Those wishing to visit Italy and searching for something to do in Cremona can find what they are looking for in one of the most famous Italian food and wine festivals. The Lombardy Taste Trail in its edition takes place in the city of Cremona and particularly in one of its most important squares.

Let me explain: the square is located behind the Town Hall, in the square where the Baptistery of the city stands. Once this was the market area. Today it has been completely redeveloped and is closed to traffic. Its shape favors the development of events of this type.

Access to the market does not include any entry costs. As for related events, the laboratories are free, while for other events it depends on what you choose to do.

How to reach it and where to stay

Here’s another thing … This Lombard town is located on the banks of the river Po and is located in the center of the Po Valley. To reach it you can use these three means of transport:

  • car
  • train
  • bus

The city is connected by the Paullese state road to Milan which is 85 km away. On the highway you can take the A21 Turin-Piacenza-Brescia which is easily reached from the main Italian locations via the national motorway network. By train you can reach the town from all the main Italian stations. Regular buses are also available from Milan and Piacenza and from the main regional town centers. The nearest airport is Milan Linate. Here there are both bus lines and taxis that allow you to arrive at your destination.

Also, when it comes to where to stay, I suggest you book at Hotel Duomo which is located in the historic center. The average cost for one night is € 50 for a single room. Alternatively I suggest the B & B in the historic center, Il Violino. Here the price for a night is on average 45 €.

As you can see there are many reasons to visit this event. Are you ready? What are you waiting for? Pack your bags know what to visit in Italy and what to do in Cremona. As you have seen, Le Strade del Gusto della Lombardia is one of the most interesting Italian food and wine fairs!

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